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Apply to Canada Caregiver Pilot Job


Apply to Canada Caregiver Pilot Job

What is Caregiver Pilot Job

Canada opens door for  Child care and home support workers with visa sponsorship and Permanent residence on arrival to Canada. Basically, it is a 5 year permit which leads to permanence residence status in Canada.  This aims to attract skilled caregivers to address the high demand for job in Canada. The need for health workers in Canada is on increase. The Canadian government looks forward to welcome foreigners with equitable skill. Beneficiaries of this route will be permitted to relocate to Canada with their immediate family members. Therefore, apply for Canada Caregiver pilot job by going through the descriptions below.

Who Should apply: 

This is open for those who have worked in Canada as caregiver. Those who have experience outside and those have been offered caregiver job in Canada can also apply. The application process differs depending on your situation and how much qualifying experience you have.

What is qualifying work experience?

It means that you have worked in one Canada National Occupational classification jobs like, Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker or have also done that in your home country. Moreover, those who have been offered a caregiver job in Canada are qualified to apply too. However, those who have never worked full-time in Canada as caregiver but have gained work experience of up to 12 months can apply to the Gaining experience category. On the other hand, those with up to 12 months experience within the last 36 months can apply to the Direct to Permanence Category.

Importantly, for international applicants; there is no requirement for a labor assessment, minimum language proficiency of CLB4, education requirement of a high school diploma or its equivalent, relevant work experience, and ability to work in a range of settings, including private homes.



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