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Apply to USA ‘Be Bold’ No Essay Scholarship 2024


Apply to USA ‘Be Bold’ No Essay Scholarship 2024 is requesting international applicants with credible profile to apply to its scholarship programme amounting to over $25,000. In its desire to support young people especially in middle earning countries like Nigeria, have called on applicants to use this route to achieve their talent and become world leaders.

‘Be Bold’ No essay Scholarship 2024 is a rolling scholarship programme which seeks to consider students profile with the earnest, determined and progressive achievement. While it considers CGPA, its core desire is to engage students with a bold profile. Bold profile in this regard is basically a profile with the simplest achievement which holds a great prospect for growth.

The scholarship is open for both Americans and Africans. This therefore means that candidates from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroun, Gambia, Namibia etc. can apply and enjoy the benefits of this scholarship.

The application process is easy and can be completed within a few minutes ones the required documents are available. It favors students who apply early as this is a proof to the boldness in their character.

For, the criteria for this scholarship is based on three major scopes

  1. Earnest
  2. Determined

Just like every other scholarship, the scholarship’s scope is open to any field, level and state. This simply means that one can apply irrespective of ones area of studies and even level of such studies.


Deadline: ‘Be Bold’ No Essay Scholarship has rolling monthly deadline and those who apply earlier have more chances of winning.



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