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Apply for Nano Business Grants by Federal Government of Nigeria


Apply for Nano Business Grants by Federal Government of Nigeria

Are you aware of the ongoing Nano Business Grants by Federal Government of Nigeria? It will interest you to know that the Federal Government of Nigeria has rolled out Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme (PCGS) to empower Nano businesses across the country. The scheme, offers financial grants, without repayment obligations, to eligible small business owners operating in various sectors such as trading, food services, transportation, ICT, creatives and artisans. The PCGS targets 70 percent women and youth, 10 percent people with disabilities, five percent senior citizens, and 15 percent distributed to other demographics.

A nano business is a very small-scale business entity, often operated by a single individual or a small team, and typically characterized by its limited size and scope. The business usually has asset value of value of below one million Naira with less than 4 employees. its annual turnover is also below one million Naira.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

  • Own a nano business.
  • Operate a business with progressive economic potential, and desire to grow the business.
  • Be willing to engage at least one additional staff member if turnover increases
  • Be willing to provide proof of residential/business address in the Local Government Area
  • Provide relevant personal and bank account information, including Bank Verification, (BVN) for verification of identity and
  • National Identification Number (NIN)

Eligible Businesses for the Nano Business Grants

The grants are available for the following nano businesses:

  1. Trading
  2. Food services
  3. Transportation
  4. ICT
  5. Creatives
  6. Artisans.

How to apply?

Application is online on the official website. Provide all the required information and click on the “Submit Request” button.

Apply here!

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