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Uniting Against Insecurity: Imo State’s Call To Action


Uniting Against Insecurity: Imo State’s Call To Action

By Prince Maduba Chukwudi (OluImo)

In the aftermath of the recent revelations regarding the infiltration of Fulani terrorists in Imo forests, the state finds itself at a critical juncture where the safety of its citizens demands swift and collective action. As the echoes of the election season fade away, the imperative now lies in governance, with a primary focus on securing lives and properties.

The responsibility for the security of the state extends beyond the corridors of government; it is a shared obligation that requires the active involvement of stakeholders from various spheres. This is not merely a call for support from the state government but a rallying cry for all those who championed safety during their campaigns to stand by their promises and contribute actively to combating the common enemy.

The recent exposure of a kidnappers’ den in Imo forest has unveiled the unsettling truth that the source of insecurity and violence is not solely internal but stems from external forces with persistent ambitions. These infiltrators are remnants of a conquest movement that traces its origins back to the era of Usman Dan Fodio, indicating a longstanding struggle for dominance that Imo State must now confront.

In this crucial time, political affiliations and individual interests must be set aside. The governor, as the leader of the state, seeks the valuable input of stakeholders transcending party lines and traditions. It is an opportunity for those who pledged to make Imo safe during their campaigns to demonstrate patriotism by actively engaging in the discourse and contributing ideas to fortify the state against external threats.

The urgency of the situation demands that every hand be on deck. This is not a time for political maneuvering but a collective effort to defend our fatherland. Imo State stands at the crossroads, and the collaboration of diverse perspectives is essential to formulate effective strategies for combating the security challenges that loom large.

In unity, Imo can overcome this menace, protect its people, and secure a future where the safety and well-being of citizens are paramount. The time for action is now, and the call to defend our fatherland requires a resolute response from all stakeholders willing to contribute to the collective effort against insecurity.

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