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Powerful Words of wisdom with Pastor Dickson Meso Ibekwe


Powerful Words of wisdom with Pastor Dickson Meso Ibekwe

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Word of wisdom: Yet we have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, I have believed, and therefore have I spoken.

We too believe, and therefore speak. 11Corinthians 3:14

Life point: When I face difficult times, I tell myself “This can’t last forever. This too, shall pass”.

You can probably look back at your life and see many difficult times you endured even though at the time you thought, I can’t stand this for another day.

The devil probably tempted you every minute to believe the trial was going to last forever.

As you consider how many times you have already made it to the other side of pain, you can be confident you will make it again through Christ, Who strengthens you.

And on the other side of trials you will see how God turned those experiences into good for your life.

When we are going through trials, learn to keep your eyes on the prize of heaven and trust God to prepare you so that God’s glory will be revealed through your life.

When you are tempted to become discontented remember: “This too shall pass”. Your afflictions are “ light and momentary “ from the perspective of eternity.

No matter how bad your current situation may look, God loves you. Never let go of the truth that God loves you, no matter what happens in your life.

You can trust that everything will work out because of HIS great love for you!

Prayer: Father, let this revelational knowledge of Your truth quicken me to finish strong in Jesus’ powerful name!

Pastor Dickson Meso Ibekwe, a native of Ngor Okpala in Imo State, is an minister and businessman committed to advancing the ministry of Christ Jesus to every corner of the globe.

His unwavering devotion extends beyond his spiritual calling, as he actively engages in philanthropic endeavors and applies his business acumen to support and amplify the outreach of the Christian message worldwide.

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