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Samdaddy should prepare for swearing-in, prophet predict Uzodimma’s sack


Samdaddy should prepare for swearing-in, prophet predict Uzodimma’s sack

An Mbaise Born Imo  Prophet , Godfrey O.C. Gbujie, General Overseer Oversight Prophet And Mediator of Divine Intervention in Nigeria, has again clearly prophesied  and predicted the removal or sack of the Imo State Governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma, as governor by what he tagged as “Divine Judgement Order”.

The Prophet Godfrey Otubochi Gbujie who also advised both the governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma and the Ohaneze Ndigbo Leadership to refrain from carrying out abominations action that is culpable to keep Ndigbo in a perpetual slavery.

The full text reads in part, “Good evening, Gentlemen of the Nigerian Press, Happy New Year!”.

“My Mission some of you may remember that J.was here on Saturday, December 2, 2023, when I came from my Enugu base to deliver a Special Ministerial Letter to His Excellency, Gov.Hope Uzodimma, his crème of Imo State and Ohaneze Ndigbo Elders”. 

“The Ministerial Letter conveyed to them the “Four-Month (December, 2023 – March, 2024) Divine Judgement Order” which the Omniscient Heavenly Court issued to them to Reverse and Remedy certain Abominable, Unelderly and Unjustifiable decisions and actions of theirs which have subjected our Holy Covenant Jewish Igbo Nation to Divine Curses”.

“Such includes:Their Conspiratorial and unlawful Compromise, Sabotage, Corruption and Abrogation of the “1998/1999 Imo State (Geo-zonal) Equity Charter”  that enshrined the Right of Each of the Three – Composite Geo – political Zones/ Districts of the State”.

“To produce a “Two-Consecutive Constitutional Governorship Term Governor for the State” rotatorily in a ’24-Year/Six-Term Cycle: 1999-2023, “but they corrupted and ungodly compromised and later, unlawfully abrogated it in order to allow the People of the Orlu Zone to usurp 3 slots out of the 4 slots that should go to the Okigwe (One Slot) and Owerri Zone (two slots) after utilizing their own two slots (1999- 2007=2 slots of 4 years each)”.

 “Yet they conspiratorially abrogated the “Charter in January, 2023 in order to allow the Orlu zone and her son, Gov. Hope Uzodimma to usurp another “Four-Year-Slot” that should go to the Okigwe Zone in another Cycle of 24 Years/6 Slots: 2024-2048.” 

“Also, they conspiratorially and unelderly desecrated the Gate of Ohaneze Ndigbo by compromising unlawfully the “Presidential Succession Provisions and Clauses” of the reigning Constitution of Ohaneze Ndigbo in order to impose two of their members, Prof.George Obiozor ( now late) of Orlu zone and Chief/Engr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu of Owerri zone as “President General” of and on the Igbo Apex National Leadership Organization in January, 2021 and April, 2023 respectively, irrespective of the sacred warnings God graciously gave to the two Octogerian Elders through me”.

“Abortion of “Biafran Jubilee – 2017” Religious and Abomination of Ikenga, and Rebellion Moreover, the Elders not only effectively were involved in the institutionalization and celebration of the disgustful “Igbo National Religious Abomination of Ikenga and Annual Ahiajoku Festival”, but also conspired and concerted to brazenly oppose, sabotage and abort the very biblically prescribed and statutory “50th Year National Political Jubilee” of Leviticus 25:8-17” which God mercifully granted to us as miraculously proclaimed via the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (A.Y.C.F)’s Four-Month (06/06/2017- 01/10/2017)”.

 “National Political “Quit Notice to Ndigbo and All Indigenous People of Biafra” of June 06, 2017 which was divinely intended to grant us Peaceful, Safe and Graduated “Second Exodus” from Nigeria back to our Pre-colonial Biafran National Homeland when President Buhari had been divinely disabled both physically and political administrations in far away London, United Kingdom”.

 “This particular action has caused us Thousands of Lives, Economic Wealth Losses. It has desecrated our Land with Violence and Human Blood”.

 “Moreover, till date, the Chief/Eng. E.C Iwuanyawu – led Ohaneze Ndigbo Elders and Leaders have failed to obediently establish the God – commanded “Igbo National Humanitarian Relief Organization” for Rapid and Effective Response to the Humanitarian Needs and Demands of our globally dispersed and domiciled and security-endangered Multi-million Igbo People and our friendly Neighbours during the long- prophesied and graphically unfolding “Second Nigerian Civil Crises” and “World War-3”, in-spite of my various Ministerial Efforts”.

“Hence the self – evident Justification and Judiciousness of the “Punitive Divine Judgement Order” of November 29, 2023 and the consequentially looming “Divine Anger” on our Igbo Nation and her Elders and Leaders”.

“My Ministerial Mission Against “ISHMAEL” My dear brothers, it’s because of the “Just and Righteous Divine Judgement” and the cogency of the possible deflation and arrest of the resultant “Divine Curses” that the Omniscient, Omnipresent And Omnipotent Spirit of God graciously detailed me back here on Wednesday, this week”.

“My “Sacred Ministerial Mission” includes: To launch a Fierce, Sustainable and Effectual “Spiritual Warfare” against “ISHMAEL” – the very wicked Archdemonic Spiritual Ruler of the Igbo Nation, as the Lord called him in my vision on November 29, 2023”. 

“The goal of the “Warfare” is to cast him out of Owerri from where he has been punitively and oppressively controlling the entire Igbo Land and installing his own “Human Agents” as State Governors and Igbo Political Rulers while destroying the Economy, Civil Peace and Security of the Land ruthlessly and progressively since 1980 when he was detailed against us due to the “Institutionalization of the National Religious Abomination of Ikenga and Annual Ahiajoku Harvest Festival” by the then Governments of Imo and Anambra States, together with Igbo Christian and Occultic Priests, Igbo Intellectuals, Igbo Traditional Rulers and Political Leaders foxily in the guise of “Igbo Cultural Revival”.

“Observed that it is the Archdemon that manipulated our Christianly unspiritual Political Leaders to break and revoke the very advantageous “1979 – 1987 National Political Alliance Between N.P.N and our N.P.P” which God graciously intended to generally re-emancipate us after the 1966 – 1970 Nigerian Civil Crises”.

“Thus, My Sacred Mission challenges me to invoke and deploy my “Omnibus Divine Ministerial Commission” together with the Power of the “1986/1996/2005 A.D Igbo Holy National Covenant with God” and the Omnipotent Word of God for the Spiritual Deliverance of our Long-bound and subjugated Jewish Igbo Nation from the ruling Archdemonic “ISHMAEL” in order to ensure the Socio-physical Actualization of the “End-Time Divine Plan” of God for us, including the “Installation and Inauguration of the Lord – chosen and anointed humble Servant of God, SEN. SAMUEL NNAEMEKA “SAMDADY” ANYANWU of the Owerri Zone as “Immediate Successor – In – Governorship Office” to the outgoing Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State in the First Half of this year – 2024”.

” I actually and effectively launched the spiritual warfare “at Aba, Abia State in April – September, 2021 hence, the Positive Change of Government in the State that brought – in the New Governor, Chief Alex Oti, last year”.

“N-B: As divinely revealed in the biblical book of Genesis 16, the Spirit of Ishmael is a “Usurper” and “Impersonator” and “Egyptian Fornication and Adultery Spirit” that seeks to cunningly enter the family of God’s Covenant People to usurp the Sonship and Headship of the Family Government”.

” It is a “Bastardization Demon” that is bent on controlling and ruling our Igbo Land by Proxy of his Unspiritual “Human Agents”, hence the Socio-political backwardness and dark aura enveloping the Igbo Nation ever since”.

“Ministerial Call For Public Involvement,

Therefore, I do ministerially call on and implore all spiritual conscious Christians and Judaists of Imo State and Igbo Land to severally and collectively join us in the Spiritual Warfare that started “Yesterday, Thursday, January 11, 2023 and ending on Saturday April 21, 2023″. 

“I call and advise for Group and Household/Family Intercession” against the Archdemon and his subordinate Demons, as well as for the inauguration of Sen.Samdady Anyanwu as “Imo State Executive Governor” and “Immediate Successor – In – Office “to Governor Hope Uzodimma very soon”.

“I also enjoin all to prayerfully seek God’s “Divine Judgement Mercy and Grace” for and upon our divinely-convicted Jewish Igbo Nation and her ungodly Elders and Leaders against the looming “Divine Judgement Anger”. 

“Advice and Appeal to the Divinely – convicted Governor Uzodimma And Igbo Elders Lastly, while we fervently intercede to God for Divine Mercy and Grace”. 

“I do ministerially advise and appeal to His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodimma, and the concerned Imo State and Ohaneze Ndigbo Elders and Leaders to wisely, repentantly religiously and humbly comply with the “Divine Judgement Order” as timed without delay in order to possibly deflate, even if not fulling avert the looming Judgement Anger of God upon the Land and our People”.

“I warn, “The Anger of the Omnipotent Holy Covenant Lord God of Israel and Igbo Nation is a Consuming Fire”. 

“As it never spared late Gen.Sani Abacha, Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, late Prof. George Obiozor, who defied his Righteous Judgement Orders I ministerially conveyed to them respectively, none of the Elders and Governor shall be spared if they defy the “Four Month Divine Judgement Order”.

Glory be to God. Amen!.. Prophet Godfrey O.C. Gbujie,  posited.

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