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Vatican: African Catholic Leaders Reject Blessing For Same-sex Marriage


Vatican: African Catholic Leaders Reject Blessing For Same-sex Marriage

Blessing Same- Sex Marriage Is Sin Against God, Bishops Tell Vatican

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, has urged gays, homosexuals and LGBTQ to convert to be able to receive God’s blessings.

Same sex unions would not received blessings from the Catholic church in Nigeria, contrary to the Vatican director, the bishops said.

The appeal comes on the back of recent decision of the Vatican, the headquarters of Catholic church in the world to bless same sex unions.

Apart from the Catholic Church in Nigeria, the Church in Malawi has also said they would not obey the new order from Rome.

Not a few insist that many African Catholic leaders are likely to reject the order as the Vatican grapples with the division imposed by homosexuality among its adherents.

The Vatican’s decision violates the time tested position of the Catholic church that same sex union is a ‘sin” which cannot receive blessings from God.

The change in policy by the Pope Francis-led Holy See, has been widely criticized.

In their reaction, Nigeria Catholic Bishops said on Thursday that the policy is unacceptable because it contravenes Nigeria’s laws and tradition.

According to a statement signed by Lucius Ugorji, the Bishops said Church blessings can only be given to those who have agreed to live according to the tenets of God, noting that those in same sex marriage don’t belong to this category.

The Bishops said same sex persons “are invited never to lose hope but rather to ask for God’s grace and mercy while remaining open to conversion,” before they can receive Church blessings.

Part of the statement said: “In conclusion, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria assures the entire People of God that the teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage remains the same,” the statement added.

“There is, therefore, no possibility in the Church of blessing same-sex unions and activities. That would go against God’s law, the teachings of the Church, the laws of our nation and the cultural sensibilities of our people.”

Nigerian laws imposes serious punishment for those involved in homosexuality.

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