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Witches and Wizards are wrong, Uzodimma will win – Imo Government


Witches and Wizards are wrong, Uzodimma will win – Imo Government

Imo State government has rejected the prediction of self-styled White Witches and Wizards of Nigeria that Gov Hope Uzodimma will lose the November 11 governorship election.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba, described the prediction as totally out of tune with the reality on the ground.

He said contrary to “ the contrived prediction which lacks any empirical evidence,” Uzodimma was coasting to a landslide victory in the election.

The Commissioner regretted that the so-called “ prediction defied logic and statistics with no basis whatsoever for the hasty conclusion drawn”

Emelumba noted that the language and submissions of the group had the imprint of the opposition, hence, the need for Nigerians to ignore it. He added that the development has confirmed the widespread belief in many quarters that some members of the opposition belong to the coven of witches and wizards.

According to him, referring to Uzodimma as supreme court governor and accusing him of sponsoring insecurity are issues the opposition had been parroting for the last three years and therefore make no meaning.

The commissioner added: “it looks like the frustrated opposition knowing that they are losing the election, out of desperation decided to run to their fellow witches to come up with this so-called prediction in the vain hope that it could turn the table in their favour.

He recalled that in spite of the baseless concoctions by the witches, Uzodimma had led APC to victory in all elections conducted in the state, including the recent House of Assembly poll where APC almost won all the 27 seats.

Emelumba argued that the facts on the ground have confirmed that APC will easily win the governorship election because of the superlative performance of the governor.

“This explains why all the stakeholders in the state, from teachers to civil servants to pensioners, have endorsed the governor for a second tenure.

“ In the area of road infrastructure, youth empowerment, health, education, social services and education, Uzodimma has positively transformed Imo State, and the people can readily attest to that,” he submitted.

He added:  “I don’t know how they arrived at their coven concoctions. But if they had taken the pains to talk to the real voters instead of being fed by an outdated propaganda, perhaps they would have done better than this sorry job. At any rate, it needs to be emphasised that Uzodimma is a committed Christian and therefore looks up to God and not witches and wizards.”

The Commissioner regretted that in the 21st century, a reputable National Newspaper could elevate witches and Wizards to a front page treat on the same day that many Nigerians were in different churches worshipping God.

He said it was even more regrettable that some people were still talking about witches and wizards when other nations rely on cutting-edge technology to carry out opinion polls on the possible outcome of elections.

He advised Imo people to completely ignore “this crude, retrogressive and obsolete campaign tactics by our opponents “ and focus on returning Uzodimma to power come November 11th, 2023.

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