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IPOB Condemn Reprisal Attacks by Army, Police on Imo, Anambra people


IPOB Condemn Reprisal Attacks by Army, Police on Imo, Anambra people

The Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB), at the weekend condemned the on-going reprisal attacks by the military and the police on Ehime Mbano and Orumba communites in Imo and Anambra States respectively in retaliation to the attack and murder of eight of their colleagues in the communities. 

These were contained in a statement signed by the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful.

The statement reads:  “We condemn the cowardly reprisal attacks  by the Nigeria military on innocent Biafrans and demand a stop to military and Police hostility against the affected communites. 

“The act of reprisal from Nigeria Military against unarmed civilians and communites anytime gunmen attacks them is not only unprofessional but a display of cowardice and brutality. 

“How can a well-trained and armed military and Police not defend themselves against armed criminals but carry out revenge on the traumatized and helpless villagers over their loss? 

“The unprofessional conduct of Nigeria Security Forces who kill innocent people and burn properties within the communites when they are attacked by unknown gunmen in the Southeast is barbaric. In the Northern Region of Nigeria, where terrorists have been butchering Nigeria Security Forces for over 20 years, the military don’t vent their anger and frustration on the innocent communites. Why then should innocent people of Southeast bear the brunt of the actions of the criminal gangs? 

“The IIPOB  is not happy with the military invasion of the communities who are not responsible for the murder of their colleagues. Did the Nigeria Army and Police do any investigation to confirm that the assailants who murdered their colleagues were people from the communities they invaded? Why invade, kill, maim, and burn homes and businesses  of innocent villagers who are also victims of these criminal gangs? 

The unwarranted attacks, invasion, killings, and destruction of innocent citizen’s homes and communities for whatever reason is a state sponsored terrorism against Biafrans. Military does not invade Northern communites in retaliation when bandits and terrorists shoot down military planes and butcher security men. Alaigbo has become a territory to be invaded at will because most of our political leaders have made themselves willing tools for subjugation against the people.

“This unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians by Nigeria Security must be stopped or they will radicalized more Igbo youths for revenge.  IPOB stands for justice. Nigeria Security should go after the killers of their colleagues and leave our people alone. If they can’t go after and confront the criminals, they should not vent their frustrations on our innocent people. Stop killing our innocent youths. 

“Stop burning homes and properties of innocent people in retaliation. Stop abducting our youths and executing them because you can’t go after armed criminals. 

“Irrespective of all sponsored criminal activities and media hype of insecurity in the Southeast, Igboland remains peaceful compared to other regions in Nigeria.

“In an attempt to stop IPOB and ESN from peacefully agitating for Biafra, the Nigeria government sponsored insecurity, tagging it on IPOB as a conduit to invade our communities. The military must stop the nonsense because Igbo Land is not a conquered territory. 

“Nigeria Security Forces should go after the killers of their colleagues. They shouldn’t claim ignorance of not knowing who the assailants are. They are not hiding their actions. Nigeria Security Forces should face the armed gangs and leave our civilian populace to breathe”. 

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