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No Vacancy in Douglas House, APC tell PDP National Secretary Samdaddy


No Vacancy in Douglas House, APC tell PDP National Secretary Samdaddy

The All Progressives Congress, APC in Imo State has advised the National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to keep his eyes off Douglas House and concentrate on the task before him to recover and rebuild the party.

The ruling APC said all serious-minded Imo citizens, including those who left a dishonoured ticket for Anyanwu, are aware that there is no vacancy in Imo Government House until 2027.

APC stated this in a press release made available to DAILY POST by its State Publicity Secretary, Cajetan Duke in Owerri, Imo State capital.

Recall that the National Secretary of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu, had earlier urged all Imo citizens to join hands to sack the vicious, corrupt APC government in Imo.

Reacting swiftly APC said,” Imo people are not in a hurry to hire or recruit another person in place of a top-scoring utility player, like Governor Uzodimma, who is currently on top of his game in all ramifications. Uzodimma has through diligent prosecution of the “3R” agenda of his shared prosperity administration, endeared himself to the people of Imo across the board.

“Ordinarily we would have ignored such a shallow, loose, and miserable comment but coming from a man like Senator Anyanwu, whose unpalatable political antecedent is well-known to every Imolite, provokes an advisory response.

“It is indeed regrettable that such a deliberate and deleterious falsehood could be credited to Senator Anyanwu, who through his political actions and inactions before events of the past few days, had always shared the conviction that Uzodimma’s recovery of his stolen mandate from Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was the best thing to have happened to the Imo people. ”

“It will be a costly and self-inflicted injury for our brother Senator Anyanwu to resign his current position in pursuit of an unrealistic, unavailable, and unrealizable position of Imo State. It doesn’t require a soothsayer to know that PDP as presently constituted in Imo State does not have the capacity and capability to mobilize the Imo electorate as required to successfully defeat the APC. In addition, Senator Anyanwu we know does not have the character, integrity, and of course the public appeal to galvanize any meaningful solidarity to match the popularity, credibility, and acceptability of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

“We, therefore, urged Senator Anyanwu to refrain forthwith, from making further utterances that are not only unguarded and mischievous but also utterly un-statesmanly “

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