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2023 Presidency: Wike And I Are On The Same Page – Umahi


2023 Presidency: Wike And I Are On The Same Page – Umahi

In, perhaps, an indirect manner, Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi, has disclosed where the Presidential vote of Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike is likely to go.

If Umahi is to be believed, Wike may not vote for the Presidential candidate of his Party, Atiku Abubakar.

Speaking in an interview with The Arise Television on Friday, September 2, Umahi disclosed that as far as the Zone which should produce the next President of Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari is concerned, he and Wike are on the same page. He said they are moving together. He said they are agreed that a Southerner should be the next President. Umahi is also calling on the other Southern Governors to be men of honour and credibility and vote for a Southern candidate just as they agreed in their meeting before the Presidential Primaries of Political Parties

There are only three main Presidential candidates seeking to succeed Buhari in 2023. They are Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the new kid on the block, Peter Obi of the Labour Party, LP.

Out of the three, two – Tinubu and Obi – are from the South. Atiku is from the North. Meaning that Umahi and those on the same page with him have a choice to make between Tinubu and Obi.

Umahi is of the APC. Wike is of the PDP. Umahi did not say if he and Wike and other Southern Governors who he is appealing to will vote for the same candidate in other to make the desired impact.

But, here’s what he said:

“Let me also let you know that Wike and all the Southern Governors believe in Southern Presidency and this is the spirit that is flogging the PDP even though I don’t like to be talking about  another Party  but all  the Southern Governors came together and agreed that Presidency should  rotate between the North and South and I think that every Southern Governor should have the honor to abide by that decision.

I spoke in anger against Wike

“Wike is a fine gentleman, and he has a very good heart and those things (the negative things he said about Wike before) were not  said from the bottom of the heart but from the lips and borne out of anger  at the time.

I was Wike’s Best Friend. He was angry I left him in PDP

“Wike is  my brother and good friend. We had quarrels and when you have quarrels, there might be anger and that anger might not be a holy anger. We were best of friends even before I left PDP and you know when your best friend leaves you know how bitter it will be. We have since reconciled, and we are moving together.

But Umahi debunked the story on Social media  that he and Wike met and had a meeting in London.

He said: “I just came back from an eight day trip to Dubai and I was reading in the social media that Wike and some others met in London. I was never in London and the immigration service can testify.

However, Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, is definitely not one of the Governors Umahi is asking to back a Southerner in 2023. He is the running mate to Atiku.

Wike not sincere

A PDP chieftain laughed at Umahi over Wike. He said: “Wike was desperate to be Atiku’s running mate.  Because he was denied, he wants to scatter the Party. If Atiku had chosen him instead of Okowo, would Wike and Umahi be talking about a Southern President in 2023. Forget these people. None of them is to be trusted. They are all playing the same selfish game.”

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