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Some Rivers PDP leaders playing house boy in Abuja – Gov Wike


Some Rivers PDP leaders playing house boy in Abuja – Gov Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has challenged PDP members in Abuja to show what they have done to woo members of other parties to the PDP.

Wike alleged that some of the leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party were merely house boys in Abuja and are known to follow leaders of the party around.

The Governor made the claims on Tuesday during the commissioning of the sand-filled area in Ogbum nu Abali, Port Harcourt city local government of Rivers State.

The Governor is alleged to be referring to members of the party in Rivers State who are loyalists to the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar.

He said, “as people who want the party or your own candidate to win an election, what role are you playing in your state to make sure your party wins the election?

“How many people have you been able to galvanize and mobilize to leave the other parties and join your party to show that you’re committed and ready to make your party win the election?

“It’s not to go to Abuja and say all kinds of things. Come home and mobilize and let us see the capacity that you have. That’s what politics is all about, it is not following people up and down.

“Anywhere any true Rivers man is, you must show that you’re important and have something to offer.

“Don’t go and begin to do as a house boy. We are not known to be House boys.

The Governor also challenged leaders of the PDP in other states to deliver their own states to the party when the election comes and not depend on votes from Rivers State.

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