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An Insight into The Man Very Rev. CNN Nwanebu. Ph.D


An Insight into The Man Very Rev. CNN Nwanebu. Ph.D

…as Ikeduru Patriotic Youth Groups Urge him to stand for his people

It was an all-time gopher who posited “It does not require many words to speak the truth.”

Today 1st July 2022, the determined enterprising youths of Ikeduru which comprises; All formidable registered Youth Fronts are currently confronted with political dilemma ever since His Excellency Sen. Hope Uzodinma announced the commencement of local government election process.

Also in like manner the SYSTEM has been undaunted with selection of choice pressure among the gallery of eminently qualifed hands available for this service.

The SYSTEM’s body language which presumably must balance with people’s wishes for all inclusive administration, seeking for inherit political balance including but not limited to seat for CHAIRMANSHIP

Unarguably, it’s also in better position to decide, to chose and to recommend a consumarate good manager, a competent and indomitable one for that, who would usher accessible unity leadership, listen to all, and to provide quality service with open doors.

This choice however, will invariably be between the right and wrong, between the light and darkness and between progress and retardation and indeed between Very Rev. CNN Nwanebu and the rest.

Consequently, it’s no longer hidden matter that the Youth Constituency of IKEDURU needs a seasoned administrator, social crusader, religious attainable enlightened mind like Very Rev CNN Nwanebu (The Special Adviser to the Governor on ALL RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS) popularly known as CNN.

After intense competitive scrutiny by the Ikeduru Youth Constituency for a man with immense skills and standing without sentimental baggages beyond party considerations comes this great orator.

Frankly speaking, Ikeduru people and leaders are ready to recommend, testify for and support this Charismatic Guru should he answer this Clarion Call to present himself as THE EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN of IKEDURU irrespective of political affiliation and bias.

If truth must be told, Very Rev Nwanebu is eminently qualifed, morally prepared, academically unparalleled and being an experienced man in both religious and circular sectors and coming from the household of the SHARED PROSPERITY GOVERNMENT

HIS intimidating credentials/potentials, his gigantic, gargantuan developmental services he rendered even as Special Adviser propelled inspiration the likes of us.

Undeniably, he has been utilizing his vast experience to take and assist the State Government to greater high moreso Ikeduru.

CNN entail; provision of health care delivery, constructions/rehabilitation of rural roads, provision of rural water, local mechanize Agriculture, employment and empowerment and so on and so forth.

In a nut shell, IKEDURU Local Government under his watch is RIPE FOR DIVINE HEALING

Hon Emma Nnadi
HEALING-GRACE Campaign Organization

for Answer The Clarion Call Movement

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