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Akeredolu, control your wife – Group warns Ondo governor


Akeredolu, control your wife – Group warns Ondo governor




GACIY resolutely condemns the indecorous outburst of Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu on Saturday May 28, 2022 during which she gratuitously slandered Gov. Hope Uzodimma before the press.

Without a shred of evidence, Akeredolu accused Governor Uzodimma of stooping to tamper with party primaries including the Senatorial primary which she lost miserably and had to “withdraw” last minute to save face.

As far as we know, Mrs. Akeredolu’s little circus was premeditated, and staged not only to tar Uzodimma’s soaring image, using the APC primaries as a front, but to provide an emergency exit for herself having failed to impress herself upon delegates.

Otherwise, why would the First Lady of Ondo State (or anywhere else for that matter) run amok in the streets of Owerri, dragging the name of her husband’s peer in the mud without compunction? What sort of wife, or First Lady has Betty become? Is that how she talks to Rotimi at home? One wonders.

It made no difference to her that the man she callously maligned in the now viral footage had journeyed twice, where she is trying once to go, the Senate!

For us, there is more to this. It looks like all is not well with our sister at our in-laws’. It appears, too, as if envy, and petty hate for Uzodimma have consumed the Akeredolus.

And Mr Akeredolu is to blame. Mr Akeredolu hails from Owo, Ondo North Senatorial District. Is his wife, Betty, by virtue of marriage not a native of the same Owo? Why then does he send her off on a voyage to wrestle yam from her brothers back in her maiden home as if she does not belong in Owo? Is she not supposed to aspire under the same APC in Ondo North?

Or could it well be that Betty’s aspiration offends the sensibilities of her in-laws? Of course it should. What sort of rabid ambition would compel her to seek the senatorial office while her husband’s tenure as Governor subsists? Good heavens!

Could Betty not prove herself “Ada Owerri” by supporting a worthy aspirant from her maiden home instead? Why did she have to swim so violently against the current in high tide?

Suppose, without conceding, that Betty’s aspiration sat well with our sensibilities, why the insensate desperation? When our in-law, Rotimi, participated in the governorship primaries in the defunct ACN in 2012, and lost, did he cut loose and attack party leadership?

Rotimi must talk to his wife and strenuously restrain her from casting further aspersions on the person of Governor Hope Uzodimma. He must also enroll her in the school of tact, decorum and patience and see that the infantile display on Saturday is the last.

God bless our homeland, Imo.


Collins Ughalaa KSC,
May 30, 2022.

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