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Video: Crippled and partially blind single Dad takes son to school after lockdown, encourages Nigerians


Video: Crippled and partially blind single Dad takes son to school after lockdown, encourages Nigerians

A crippled and partially blind single father in Imo State, have shared videos where he is taking his son to school after the lockdown in the South East, occasioned by the trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB.

Mr Alvin Nkwocha popularly known as Shinkafi lost his leg last year in an accident. He is also blind in one eye.

This was after he lost his wife and mother of his son. His son was in the custody of social services, as his wife’s people had wanted tried to take away the boy from him.

But it has not stopped Nkwocha from remaining steadfast in his fight to live.

Nkwocha after recovering from the amputation of his left leg, battled his in-laws for custody of his son and won the matter.

After the lockdown in the South East brought about by Nnamdi Kanu’s court day, Mr Alvin Nkwocha, armed with his clutches took his son to school and shared the video and pictures on his Facebook page as a way to encourage other Nigerians going through hard times, to continue moving forward no matter the situation they find themselves in.

Speaking to TheCitizen, Nkwocha stated, “It has not been easy for me. Things are hard. I need help from well meaning Nigerians. But it would not stop me from doing my part. I’ve gone through a lot of hardship lately but in every situation you find yourself, always praise God and keep fighting. There are people who want to laugh at your situation. Never let them look down on you. I urge all Nigerians no matter the situation you find yourself in, to stand strong and firm. Have faith and confidence in yourself and God and you will overcome any situation.”

Nkwocha who also manages security outfits in Imo State further urged Nigerians to assist each other in whatever situation they find themselves.

“In the little way I can, I help people. The other day it was an Okada man who’s bike was seized and I begged on his behalf. My charge to him is to remember me when the next person asks for his help so that he can render the same help to that person in need.”

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