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The Cruel Fate Of South East In PDP


The Cruel Fate Of South East In PDP

by Dr Paul Ezeafurukwe

Since the inception of our current democracy in 1999, the relationship between Southeast and PDP has continued to be stronger and unbreakable. There are other political parties yet the people of Southeast see PDP as their own and in fact it became a clichè that apart from Anambra “Southeast is PDP”.

Despite the fact that out of the 5 eastern states, PDP continued to hold sway in 4 states of Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo though the duo of Imo and Ebonyi are now APC states, PDP has remained unrelenting in the trying to win them back. This is as a result of the ideology that PDP is a party for Ndi igbo and understands the desires of the Southeast when it comes to power and appointments.

On the part of PDP, there is no better way to reward the years of unalloyed support of the Southeast if not to allocate the national chairmanship to them and Senate Presidency or Deputy Presidency just to make them look away from the agitation of a President of Southeast extraction.

As the agitation for a President of Southeast extraction became obvious and strong and with the candidature of Peter Obi the former Governor of Anambra State which has continued to garner recognition and acceptance from both the young and old in Nigeria, everybody had thought that it would’ve been right for the party to zone her Presidential ticket to the Southeast at least, if not for any other thing, for the loyalty over the years.

Obviously, the chameleonic PDP will never stop being a piper whose tune is determined by the paymaster.

It became obvious that the candidature of Obi and his chances of emerging as PDP Presidential candidate was gradually been truncated by moneybags in the party as seen in their boastful utterances. PDP made it clear that they will never give an Igbo man a chance to the Presidency by first of all declaring that it is an open contest for everyone knowing that the Southwest, North and South South have all had their own fair share except the Southeast. Cruelty, Wickedness and a painful betrayal.

PDP has made it clear, countless, times that they will continue to value dollars over the Southeast and when it comes to the Presidency, Southeast can never be an option as they will continue to prefer using us to fulfill the desires of the moneybags in the party.

The exit of Peter Obi, a frontline Presidential candidate of the PDP is an indication that there is no future for any Igbo politician in PDP. If Peter Obi could see this truth, though a bit late, then it shows that the party is only desperate to return back to power with anyone who is ready to bankroll the party which Peter Obi of the Southeast is far from the equation.

I wish my brothers and sisters from the Southeast can learn a lesson from the travails of Peter Obi in PDP and in unison pay back PDP in their own coin. It is possible to pull out from PDP and never allow ourselves to be cowed by their sugarcoated lying tongues.

It is obvious that with the forceful exit of Peter Obi from PDP, most persons have turned to declare their continuous support for him outside the party and if that energy can be sustained, PDP will know that they have messed with the wrong people and will go into extinction.

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