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What If The North Takes Back Power In 2023?


What If The North Takes Back Power In 2023?

…South Hasn’t Shown Readiness

By Irobi Darlington
Political Analysts

Let me throw you through this unfortunate worry of mine. In the inception of democracy in 1999 when power was seeded to the South, it was a collective effort of the entire and unanimous agreement by the political players of the South east to have Chief Alex Ekwueme step down for Chief Olu Segun Obasanjo due to the June 12 agitation by the South West.

We all agreed that to calm them down with the presidential office, no one from the East should run against them.

Let’s not forget that Ogbonnaya Onu also stepped down for Olu Falana. All these were sacrifices of the South East for the Yorubas to have a fair day

Nevertheless, after OBJ’s 8 years in the office, power returned back to the north through late president Yar’Adua who had Dr Goodluck Jonathan as his vice in 2007.

Unfortunately, we had a National disaster as Yar’Adua died on the seat and the constitution came to play, Jonathan took over power and was re-elected for a fresh tenure with a heavy support from the south East. It was just through him that the South South got their own share till 2015.

The tsunami of 2015 gave way for president Mohanmadu Buhari who is rounding off his 2nd tenure in the office by 2023.

Today, power naturally should be coming back to the South. I had expected a harmony amongst the regions. But unfortunately what we have seen in few weeks were harvest of people picking up intention forms from every length and breath of the West, South and East.

I had expected the South to have unanimously said it’s turn for the South East, hence every other part of the South has tested power apart from the East.

Where have our consciences and morals gone? Has politics gone beyond humans . In as much as I know that power is not served alacart, but I still know there should be some level of decorum, good understanding and compromises.

What wrong has the East done that other part of the South will not at least consider them in the shift of power after their long years of compromises?

Today, I hate to blame the North when a few of them join the race for president. They have seen that we are not serious . We can’t put our house in order, hence their rising interest to take the advantage of our uncompromising attitude, our stiff neck…not willing to bend for our brothers.

It’s a pity that we will be in this game of EVERYONE HAS RIGHT TO RUN within the South and the North will grab back their power in all understanding.

Let all other Regions of the South SUPPORT the SOUTH EAST for president today, else, the NORTH will continue to rule us.

NOTE: Any support against the South East, is basically a support for the North in 2023.

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