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2023 Presidency: APC, PDP expressing their hatred for Ndigbo


2023 Presidency: APC, PDP expressing their hatred for Ndigbo

by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

The only reason the PDP and APC won’t elect an Igbo of Southeast as their presidential candidates is pure hatred for the Southeast and absolute disregard for the unity and progress of Nigeria.

Southeast aspirants in both Parties are highly qualified and have good capacity to win the election for any of these Parties.

Among APC’s aspirants, a young progressive and intelligent candidate like Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba can hold his own against any candidate presented by the PDP. Nwajiuba is experienced in politics and vibrant. Except the North does not reward loyalty, Nwajiuba has devoted close to three decades of his political life aligning with powerful Northern politicians. He should be able to win as much votes as any Northern candidate, if our brothers from the North recognize and reward loyalty.

Peter Obi is the candidate any political Party that is serious about winning election would easily anoint as its candidate. You can’t have a candidate as articulate, charismatic and acceptable as Peter Obi, and you would waste your time with any other candidate.

Even when the Primaries are yet to hold, Peter Obi has shown enormous capacity and political intelligence. Other aspirants were waiting, and probably expecting INEC to rework its Timetable, hence, their reluctance to launch out their consultations quickly, but Obi, apparently, having got the right intelligence, set his timetable of consultations and got that done with, with dispatch. That should tell you the kind of President he will be – A President that solves problems quickly.

Obi, is actually the PDP’s only chance at returning to power. With due respect to other aspirants, Peter Obi is the candidate that has a secured eight million votes. Eight million votes that have never been cast in the history of Nigeria’s politics. I mean eight million eligible voters who have never voted all their lives. The youths, the intellectuals and those in the diaspora.

These eight million voters are cut across the 36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory. They are cut across religions and political Parties. And you know what? These eight million voters will boycott the election if Obi is not on the ballot.

If PDP gives obi its presidential ticket, they would have had eight million votes in their pockets, then, they add this to their natural votes of say 10 Million, you will certainly see my Party struggling to win.

With Peter Obi as the PDP candidate, my Party, the APC, will only have a chance at retaining power if the ticket goes to Nwajiuba, because the former Minister will comfortably win over a good number of those naturally inclined to the Peter Obi candidacy.

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