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The Real Issues About Imo East Senatorial Primaries


The Real Issues About Imo East Senatorial Primaries

As every business has its decision-making processes, so does politics and its attendant consequences. Inspired writers are reminding us of the imperatives of making sound decisions that will have far-reaching implications on our families and communities. They remind people of the need to put a square peg in a square hole, and of the need to vote the most suitable aspirant to represent our people. It is however disheartening to note that irrespective of these timely warnings, some of us still cast their votes based on immediate gratification against quality representation.
Let us at this point analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the aspirants.


Ugochukwu Nwachukwu from Mbaitoli is a very nice and generous person, by the testimony of his generosity being heard from every corner. UGOSLY is a gentleman with a very high likability rate. He can claim political experience because he was the main challenger to Onyewuchi in the PDP primaries in the last dispensation. He is bold and audacious. But since the Senate is a house of debate, his deficiency in some of our key benchmark is obvious. We score him low due to poor communication skills, eloquence and intellectual capacity. In terms of fairness of representation, he has a minus because his federal constituency (Imo East), produced the current Deputy Governor of the state.


Dr. Opara, from Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA is an intellectual, a businesman and a writer. This soft spoken gentleman can hold his own on the floor of Senate. We score him high on our index vis intellectual capacity, eloquence, boldness, courage and ability to represent. Like Ugochukwu Nwachukwu, Dr. Opara can claim some level of political experience – having contested in the past. He is also from the same federal Constituency with the Deputy Governor and we know that one Federal Constituency cannot produce Deputy Governor and Senator at the same time Another draw back is the fact that he lives in the United States of America and people are sceptical of giving political power to politicians who live abroad in comparison to the grassroot mobilizers who perfectly understand the orography of the political terrain. His likability rate is equally high, but his disadvantages are clear threats to his scalability to land the coveted crown.


Like Dr. Kemdi Opara, we score him high on our benchmark. Chief Jerry is clearly the most experienced politician in the race. Popularly known as the greatest political mobilizer + East of the Niger. His exceptional skills in mobilizing men, women and youths is legendary; and for a party with an eye towards general elections in a zone known as a PDP hot bed, it is an apt advantage. He is well educated and has a solid family background.

By our collated assessment, ranging from public comments by Igbo leaders like Prof Morris Iwu, Marcelinus Nlemigbo, Rt. Hon. Ernest Ibejiako, Chief C.Y Amako, CP Dan Okoro Rtd, Okenze Obinna of Ngor-Okpala, Chief Eustace Eke, Leo Stan Eke, Chief Tony Chukwu among other leaders, Jerry Chukwueke is the clear choice of the political establishment

. Chief Chukwueke is a member of the prestigious “IME OBI” Ohanaeze Ndi-igbo worldwide. He is also a member of IMO Economic Development Initiative (IEDI), and through our investigation, we can affirm that this bodies have endorsed him as their candidate of choice. Chief Jerry is bold, audacious and sagacious. His ability and flair for representation finds expression in his eloquence in speech and intellectual capacity. Many sincerely believe he will be another Senator Abaribe in the Red Chamber.In the words of elder statesman Marcelinus Nlemigbo, assuming politics walks on a straight line, others would be told to step down for him.

Chief Jerry Chukwueke has unmatched political reach in comparison with other aspirants. He has successfully turned the corner, having translated his constant hunger for political relevance into a robust wealth of experience.

Pundits however point to the fact that his inability to maintain a protracted political structure, given his political stature is a serious issue and a low point. Yet, plus and minus, Chief Jerry Chukwueke is by far, the best man for the job. He is by our assessment, the man to watch out for.


Ondo State first lady, Mrs Akeredolu is a very exciting woman with capacity and means. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and can hold her own on the floor of the Senate. She is gifted with oratory prowess and charisma. We score her high on all our benchmarks. Her intellectual capacity and eloquence is outstanding. She is eminently qualified to represent Owerri zone at the Red Chamber, but let’s look at some snags that one cannot overlook.

Mrs Betty Akeredolu is not particularly generous; she gives with an expectation attached. She is shrewd and business-like in her approach to issues.

Another drawback is the obvious fact that she is very ambitious and never contented with her role as the First Lady of a state as vibrant as Ondo.

Another factor working against her is the fact that it is not in Igbo culture to accord their married daughters the same right and privileges with the men at home. In the subconscious mind of an average Igbo, Mrs Akeredolu belongs to Ondo and the office of the First Lady is big enough to express her desire to touch lives. Our sources from Owerri West are of the opinion that Ada Emeabiam, and Ada Owere added to the office of the First Lady should be enough for her to avoid conflict of interest. If APC by chance gives her the ticket, she will definitely lose the election.


Prince Alex Mbata who often referred to himself as a “trailer on the highway” – even though he is not physically endowed, is a billionaire businessman with so much cash at his disposal. The trailer concept maybe a veil reference to trailer load of cash made possible by Owelle administration which clearly gives him a competitive edge. Our sources confirmed that he is picking up cost of forms from other aspirants to ensure he wins over their delegates.

Although he is lately referred to as Dr Mbata – this is not an indication that he went to College. Perhaps it is one of those titles bought to cover academic deficiency; who knows? It’s worthy of note that his profile was conspicuously silent on his academic history and qualifications. Like UGOSLY, Mbata lacks eloquence in speech and intellectual capacity.

We score him low in political experience which is a big issue because position of a Senator is not for a green horn, but for an experienced politician who has had a handshake across the Niger, with a well oiled political network.

Our investigation revealed that he is a divisive politician who fractionalized the party structure in Owerri North LGA, when he lost out in his bid to hijack the entire structure. Mbata is observed to be arrogant and boastful, and believes money can buy him loyalty and love.

Our investigations also revealed that he is naturally not receptive to people but has momentarily changed due to his senatorial aspiration which requires him to reach out – even on cosmetic basis and putting up pretenses. His critics also alleged that when he started the massive empowerment programmes, he declared that the exercise has no political undertones, but today, even the blind can see that it is an act of generosity with an expectation attached.

APC grassroot officers in the zone insists that the real beneficiaries of the empowerment programmes were the Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s faction of APC. Our sources made reference to the fact that he was Owelle’s oil Czar (the Liaison Officer between the oil companies operating in Imo state and Owelle, his wife and son in-law Uche Nwosu). Simply put, Mbata is part of Owelle’s cartel.

Our sources also unearthed that he was appointed Pro Chancellor of IMO State University – a position which a newspaper publication stated is subject of Imo State Whitepaper report on Owelle’s corrupt administration. Our sources also said the empowerment and subsequent senatorial ambition of Mbata is part of Owelle’s elaborate strategy to hijack APC back from Hope Uzodinma. A source close to him told investigators that Mbata has never hidden his mantra that he is in politics to make profit and not otherwise.

The same investigative source pointed to the way and manner he cornered the entire appointment at Imo East Development Center at Agbala to himself and his OAU brother, to the detriment of Emekuku 1, 2 and Emii wards, irrespective of the fact that the current IMC Chairman Engr. Lams Ibe is from OAU.

*Our sources concluded that Hope Uzodinma should be wary of Owelle politicians because they don’t mean well for “camp Hope”. Our sources did not stop at that; they also made reference to the “Mad DG” Dikeocha’s ranting at the party office in the presence of the Deputy Governor and at Concorde Hotel in the presence of the Governor, as a sign of frustration. It is seen as a dangerous sign indeed; that Mbata who wants it his way or the high way is the unseen hands of Owelle.

In view of the foregoing,
delegates must therefore, make the difference and live above board. They must reward merit instead of immediate gratification.

Delegates can collect the money but vote their conscience.

One cannot sow yahoo yahoo and reap nobility.

A society built on insensitivity, wickedness, waste of the youths and political hijack is wretched.

But how did we crumble into malice?

How did our souls leave us?

How did we get to the point of talking in hushed tones when a criminal passes by us instead of raising alarm?

How do we carry on with routine optimism while the storm clouds are gathering over our party?

The consequences of our lack of clear choice will stare us in the face like a sore wound if we choose money and instant gratification in exchange for our good conscience and collective wellbeing.

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