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Deploy your Strength For Positive Change, Ugo Sly charge Mothers


Deploy your Strength For Positive Change, Ugo Sly charge Mothers

■ promises to present, support bills and motions that will protect their intersts, especially family friendly initiatives if elected

By Collins Ughalaa KSC

A frontline senatorial aspirant for Owerri Zone Senate under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Prince Ugochukwu Hilary Nwachukwu, also called Ugosly, on Sunday congratulated mothers in the Catholic Church, especially those from Owerri Zone, as they celebrate the 2022 Mothering Sunday.

The Senate-hopeful while congratulating the mothers said they have done so much for humanity and deserves to be celebrated.w

According to him, “Mothers are precious gifts to humanity and they were made on a special day. Mothers are not weaker vessels as many believe. They are strong physically and in character as well, as such have been the pillar of not just the family but the society at large. Without these special gifts, there would be no life”.

While noting that mothers are confidants and reliable, he said that women are great in their numbers and as such should deploy their numerical strength to influence positive change especially political outcomes in the country and Owerri Zone in particular.

He called on mothers not to shy away from participating in the political process, especially in voting, adding that with them on his side he is sure of not just winning the APC ticket for Owerri Zone Senate but move on to win the general election.

“On behalf of my family and team, I bring warm greetings of the Mothering Sunday to our great mothers and their families. Mothering Sunday reminds us of the volume of love our mothers invested in rasing us up and that we should continue to love them. We cannot love our mothers enough. We will continue to love them, in good times and in bad times.

“Mothers lay down their lives for their families. A great number of mothers have joined their ancestors just for trying to raise families. We owe you alot, our mothers. And your love and sacrifice for us and the society at large will never go in vain.

“This is why I call for your support and prayers as I seek the mandate of our great party during the primary election for Owerri Zone Senate. As you all know, I am not running for Senate to enrich myself or build contact for myself. God has already blessed me and I am content with what He has given me. I am not a greedy person.

“Like I have said everywhere I have been to on our campaign tours, we have to take greater measures to improve the life of women and protect their rights. If I become your Senator, I will be committed to presenting and supporting bills and motions that will protect that your interests and remove all the barriers against women in all ramifications. I will support all family friendly initiatives, whether bills, motions, name it.

“As the elections draw closer, I urge you to see it as another opportunity for you to show the strength of your character by deploying your numbers to influence political outcomes. I urge you all to make wise decisions for the sake of our sons, daughters and generations yet unborn”.

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