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Akarachi Amadi is a Virus, he is everywhere you go – Olugbu speaks as Ikpamezie declares for MBAIKE seat


Akarachi Amadi is a Virus, he is everywhere you go – Olugbu speaks as Ikpamezie declares for MBAIKE seat

By Ezinne Akujobi

The former House of Assembly member that represented Mbaitoli LGA, Hon Ifeanyi Nnataraonye, popularly known as Olugbu hinted during the declaration of Engr Innocent Ikpamezie for the Mbaitoli Ikeduru Federal seat.

Speaking during the event, Hon. Nnataraonye pointed out that Engr Akarachi Amadi is every home in Mbaitoli and Ikeduru and no body should loose sight of that .

He went further to advice the party that what should be important now is how to wrestle power from PDP and to achieve it, the party must present the most popular and their best.

Nnataronye referred to Akarachi Amadi has become a Virus every home in MBAIKE is akin to the MTN everywhere you go, noting that Akarachi Amadi was the real threat for the PDP.

Nnataronye reminded them that their major interest should be getting power from the PDP and that required sending their best.

Another speaker Emma Duru further pointed it that Mbaitoli should not concern themselves with the MBAIKE Federal House alone, stating that there were other positions they can turned their attention to, like the Senate, State House of Assembly and others.

Barr Kingsley Ononuju in his reaction stated that power was not served alacate or given to people who sit at the comfort of their home, but to people who go for it with all level of capacity.

A leader who was present and spoke to us in private stated, “I don’t understand what somebody like Uche Nwole means by saying Mbaitoli has one more tenure. So if Ikpamezie goes to the National Assembly, Nwole expects him to serve for just one term and step aside? That is even if truly we have one more tenure left which I know we don’t have. It is the turn of Ikeduru to produce the next Federal Representative. APC will lose this ticket if we field anybody from Mbaitoli.”

Another leader of the party who spoke to our reporter on phone, while giving us the details of the meeting, stated that it would be unfair for the party to consider an Mbaitoli man for the seat.

“I’m very confident that the PDP would be fielding an Ikeduru man,” he stated. “We cannot be seen as unfair. At a time we are clamouring for power at the central to rotate to the South, we must not rise up against our brothers. Ikeduru people are our brothers and deserve to be treated fairly. Any Mbaitoli person aspiring for that position is only painting us unfair.”

Mbaitoli and Ikeduru reached an agreement in 1999 for single tenure. Uche Nwole served his term and stepped down for late Rt Hon Bethel Amadi.

Towards the end of Amadi’s term in office, the people of Mbaitoli and Ikeduru agreed that representives should be given two terms in office which started off with Bethel Amadi going for a fresh eight years for Ikeduru.

Hon Henry Nwawuba is about completing his eight years for Mbaitoli with along with the single term of Uche Nwole gives Mbaitoli an equal 12 years in office.

“It’s not about who went for 12 years or who went for one,” a party Chieftain from Ogwa stated. “Has Mbaitoli gone for 12 years? The answer is yes. Has Ikeduru gone for 12 years? The answer is yes. They have gone equal so Mbaitoli is not owed any term. What is fair is fair, it is Ikeduru’s turn , Akarachi Amadi has through his numerous humanitarian NGO touched almost every home in mbaike through his Afor Di Mkpa Project, over 13 kilometers of Roads, Housing Scheme for the indigents, pPurchase of JAMB/UMTE for over 2000 eligible students of Mbaike, just to mention but a few.

Akarachi amadi is the best candidate that will wrestle power from whoever the PDP presents. The young man is everywhere and the people love him.”

There have been rumors that Ikpamezie’s declaration has the backing of a Senate hopeful, who fears that he might lose MBAIKE delegates if Akarachi Amadi emerges and is using Ikpamezie to undermine the party in the area.

To this end, Mbaitoli and Ikeduru Local Governments were enjoined by leaders, to keep maintaining their cordial relationship as brothers, adding that fairness and equity must not be sacrificed on the alter of greed and selfishness aspirations

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