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Life isn’t a Competition, Not everyone will be a millionaire


Life isn’t a Competition, Not everyone will be a millionaire

By Mazi Nwonwu

Not everyone will be a millionaire, even in Naira.

Not everyone will own a car before they pass on. Some won’t even see bicycle.

Not everyone will build their own house or go to university, or secondary school or travel via aeroplanes or trains or boats.

Not everyone will get the opportunity to go overseas to study or live or tour. Some will never ever leave their towns or LGA.

There are many things only a very minute number of us will ever do, no matter how rich or connected we are. How many people have been in space or the moon, or the deepest part of the ocean or the highest point on Everest?

Coming to terms with this should give you peace, especially when you discover that some of the happiest people alive live very simple lives.

You don’t need to own a mansion in Banana Island or a Porsche or Rolls Royce to laugh.

Be happy with your lot and live your life.

This life isn’t a competition.

Don’t lose focus and become one of those Ponzi scammers use to make themselves part of the one per cent.

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