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RE: Imo Debt Stock: A Call On Governor Uzodimma To Borrow Much More!!!


RE: Imo Debt Stock: A Call On Governor Uzodimma To Borrow Much More!!!

By Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

You made so much sense @Chibyke Jones. Let’s elucidate further on the Opposition’s new talking point. A few serials.



Perhaps, for greater simplification, I have chosen to do a series on this @⁨Chibyke Jones’ enlightened mercurial exposition.

To serialize this is for the greater benefits of the naysayers cum Opposition elements and for the better grasping by those who already know what our seemingly magical Governor has tortiously achieved through prudence and frugality. Gov Hope Uzodimma has proved himself a prudent manager of scarce material resources.

He has very evidently recovered lost State assets that no past Government has achieved by net worth. An unquantifiable financial milestone is in the offing with the potential Recovery of Imo oil Wells that had perennially been wrongly ceded to Rivers State. These things don’t come easily. These Oil Wells are windfalls that shall remain for Imo State till perpetuity. Posterity shall be grateful for this hundreds of billions of dollars in the womb of time.

The mileage achieved in the revolutionary infrastractural developments in Imo State can not be equated perhaps to the rubrics of money, viz: Naira and Kobo. A ride to Orlu through Owerri is akin to the zoom-zoom experience only known of roads in the core North. Another shuttle to Okigwe through Owerri leaves one pleasantly surprised. Infact, flabbergasted! Quality, taste, durability and quantum are testimonies on peoples lips. Even the opposition has confirmed the far-reaching positive revolutions.

There is perhaps an invaluable angle to the tacit tact, unshakeable resolve and focus by the Governor to deliver the goods for the hitherto oppressed Imo public. Many would have been giving excuses.

As we speak, individual citizens of Imo State have had thousands of their illegally converted choice plots of lands recovered and returned, at no cost, back to them. Tens to hundreds of public acres of land across the three zones including the Ikedi Ohakim foundation stones in the New Government House Acres at New Owerri, the Old IBC quarters Orji property etc are already recovered back as Imo collective patrimony. Can anyone put a price to that?

A full-fledged University with modern taste in state-of-the-art facilities has been recovered back to Imo State and now known as Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University, Okpoko. Imo State was ripped off through a 90% to 10% share holding in a PPP arrangement. How much do you think that University is worth? About #40Billion.

How do you put to numerics, the frugality that had seen to the auto-synchronized dexterity and vision in the leadership prowess of our God-given Governor? For Imo State, a new paradigm is now birthed where the people matter most; where greed and nepotism are no more.

Who else could have been a Governor of Imo State through the Covid-19 peak era of 2020; through the orchestrated Unknown Gunmen era (Sequel to the gazetting of the White Paper on illegally acquired lands) of late 2020 to mid 2021; through the EndSars months and its hijacked ending time in the same 2021 and through the politically contrived insecurity induced by the illegally enforced Sit-At-Home by the Indigenous People of Biafra? Who else could have belled the cat, if not Gov Hope Uzodimma – a licenced driver?

How many lives were criminally taken away in the insurrections that involved a jail break, multiple shootings and killings of Policemen, Soldiers, Civil Defense officers, an Ekwe-born innocent fire fighter, burning of several Local Government headquarters, Police Stations, burning of the Governor’s House, burning of the Attorney General’s House, burning of Information Commissioner’s House, kidnappings, shooting/killing of Traditional Rulers, cutting of human heads, illegal bandits’ campings, cannibalism, scaremongering et cetera? How much could be used to repair, compensate and assuage these sundry losses?

How much could be involved to maintain a steady and various segments of the armed forces in Imo State for the length of time under review?

Talking about logistics: the innumerable vehicles in fleets of hundreds, the arms and ammunition looted, replaced and used to enforce law and order?

Think about all these that took their hydra-headed turns before a State not ever known for such desperate political extremism. Now look around Imo State and see for yourself innumerable credible achievements in roads infrastructure ( Over 99 in number), the ambitious balloon technology driven drainages done through multiple kilometers, human capacity development especially with the youths and women, automation of the civil service with roughly resisted reforms that have today sanitized the payroll system with a result now that not less than 55,000 Imo State Workers today earn their salaries as and when due. Ditto with pensioners and baring a handful that are in progressive resolutions of their databased issues and sequential automation. Imo workers enjoy ultramodern Air-conditioned fleet of buses to and fro their workplaces.

And so what is the Imo debt profile compared with our credible benefits in Imo State of today?


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