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MBAIKE 2023: Akarachi Amadi, Amara Egbuchulam, are the youths set to change the narrative?


MBAIKE 2023: Akarachi Amadi, Amara Egbuchulam, are the youths set to change the narrative?

With the declaration yesterday of Barr Amara Egbuchulam, to contest the Federal House of Representatives seat of Mbaitoli Ikeduru Federal constituency, Akarachi Amadi seized to be a loner, in his quest to change the narrative whereby the youths were previously sidelined when it comes to chasing top positions in Abuja.

Amara Egbuchulam

While Akarachi Amadi is of the All Progressives Congress APC, his youth o’clock counterpart, Amara Egbuchulam is contesting on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

Akarachi Amadi is from Ikeduru, while Amara Egbuchulam is from Mbaitoli.

Akarachi Amadi, an engineer by profession, have become a household name across the Federal constituency, and is fingered as the likeliest candidate of the APC.

Financially, Akarachi Amadi possesses the financial muscle to match the old-timers at the primaries and even get the delegates on his side.

His philanthropic gestures have also endeared him to the people of MBAIKE, making him the best person the APC can send against the PDP.

While the incumbent Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, who is from Mbaitoli is gearing up for a third term in office, Amara Egbuchulam, would be faced against other politicians such as Osmond Ukanacho, all armed with massive financial war chests, as he hopes to secure the ticket of the party and probably face-off against his fellow youth, Akarachi Amadi at the main election.

Amara Egbuchulam’s chances would now lay with the party delegates who, like the PDP is usually known for, may prefer the highest bidder, over the best for the job.

Keen observers are hoping the delegates would reconsider as the primaries draw closer, and elect people who can get the job done, instead of collecting money to present faulty candidates that would end up misrepresenting the people, while representing their pockets.

The aspiration of these two men would be going a long way to inspire more young men below the age of 40, to start jumping into the ring, to change the narrative.

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