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More Trouble for Chinmark as aggrieved investor summon him before an Aguleri shrine (Video)


More Trouble for Chinmark as aggrieved investor summon him before an Aguleri shrine (Video)

The embattled owner of failed Ponzi scheme Chinmark, Mr. Chinedu Ijiomah popularly known as “Red King” have landed in more trouble, as a lady who claimed she invested ₦4million into his scheme, has dragged him before a shrine.

Ijiomah is accused of eloping with over N10bn from over 4,000 investors who invested in his various investment platforms.

Aggrieved lady summons Chinmark before an Aguleri shrine for eloping with her N4m (Video)

Ijiomah, along with his foremost influencer Amanda Chisom, have become a trending topic on Facebook, following the seeming crash of the scheme.

Ijiomah had claimed that he’s been unable to pay investors their money because the SEC froze his account, but this has been countered by many who claimed that what’s in the account can’t pay his top three investors and there are steps to be taken for the account to be unfrozen.

However some investigation as reported by Dr. Charles Awuzie have shown that the account balance of the company cannot pay even top 3 investors hence the freezing of the bank account by SEC is not the major issue.

The lady who summoned Chinedu to the shrine alongside the influencer that convinced her to invest the money, is demanding for her money.

A man was heard saying in the background that failure to appear before the shrine, will lead to whatever the lady proclaims coming up the investment company CEO and his family.
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