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We Agree with Uzodinma, the story have changed – GACIY


We Agree with Uzodinma, the story have changed – GACIY




On Monday, March 14, 2022, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, Governor of Imo State, featured on the popular Politics Today on Channels Television, where he answered questions ranging from the changing times in Imo to national politics, especially developments in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

He took all the questions in good stead and displayed uncommon grasp of the electoral act, party politics and developmental issues. His reference to himself as an experienced politics was therefore not misplaced, especially the way he avoided joining issues with his colleagues, no matter how hard his host, Seun Okinbaloye, pushed him.

We appreciate the intelligence, honesty and efficient grasp of issues displayed by the Governor throughout the duration of the interview. We agree with all the answers he provided to the questions posed to him, particularly on the changing scenarios in Imo State.

The Governor cannot be more honest when he said that “The story has changed [in Imo]. My people are convinced. Every reasonable man in Imo State is happy with my outing”. This honest answer exemplifies the reality in Imo. The Owerri-Okigwe Road, abandoned in disrepair for decades – particularly the Ekemele axis – has come back to life. The Owerri-Orlu Road likewise abandoned in disrepair for decades has come back to life. World Bank-Umuguma Road is bouncing back. Dick-Tiger, Nwaturuocha Street, Relief Market Road, Owerri/Port-Harcourt Road, Chukwuma Nwaoha Road, Naze-Nekede-Ihiagwa-Obinze Road, Yar’Adua Drive, Federal Secretariat (Muhammadu Buhari) Road, Orogwe-Ohi Road, etcetera, are wearing new looks. I35 kilometers of rural roads will soon kick-off across the 27 local governments in the Governor’s road revolution in rural communities.

Traffick gridlock that used to characterise life in Owerri, plus its attendant man-hour loss, are gone. You can now connect any part of Owerri with so much ease. Hospitals are being renovated and upgraded. This will translate to better life for Imo people. Dilapidated public buildings that dotted the landscape, such as the Imo State House of Assembly Conplex, are becoming yesterday’s story.

Looking at the changing times in Imo, therefore, the Governor proudly said: “I cannot be my own personal assessor. Within the limits of what I can say as an individual, the answer to your question is very straight: if you know the state of Imo State in terms of infrastructure – in terms of security of life and property, the confidence of the citizenry between them and government – you will agree with me that the story has changed. Today in Imo State, government is respected. Today in Imo State, public confidence has been restored. Today in Imo State, a lot of activities particularly the basic social infrastructures that enables good livelihood in the state, are there.

“Roads are being constructed. Industries are being rehabilitated. The education system is being rebuilt. The medical hospitals are being rebuilt and renovated. We have restored order in the state. And to be honest with you, those who never believed that something will change – who made all types of negative statements – they are coming back to say they never believed it will be this way.

“The politics of today, particularly where I come from – when people don’t like you, they go to [any] length. They will say all sorts of things. They blackmail you with propaganda. They will do all sorts of things to ensure that you are not allowed to showcase your capacity. But to the glory of God, today I’m there. My people are convinced. Every reasonable man in Imo State is happy with my outing”.

GACIY commends our performing Governor Hope Uzodimma and expresses the hope that things can only get better.

Imo people are in for better days.


Collins Ughalaa KSC
March 14, 2022.

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