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Abba Kyari: Salient Questions


Abba Kyari: Salient Questions


Following NDLEA’s press statement declaring Abba Kyari wanted for involvement in transnational illicit drug trafficking, the Police responded by informing Nigerians that the Borno born disgraced super cop has been arrested and handed over to the NDLEA, alongside four other accomplices who are all members of the dreaded IGP-IRT team. The Police went ahead to inform us that there are NDLEA officials who were involved in shielding these drug peddlers from been apprehended. The Police statement was graphic and to me convincing.

Before this, the Police Service Commission had ordered the suspension of Abba Kyari and his investigation by a panel headed by the now deceased DIG Egbunike. For about six months following Kyari’s suspension, nothing was heard of the investigation, and it appeared with the NDLEA twist to the matter, that the Super Cop was still carrying out operations on behalf of the IRT.

Now, those are the backgrounds to the following questions that have been bogging my mind over these weeks;

  1. Why has the NDLEA not provided a CONVINCING rebuttal to the allegations by the Police over the involvement of their men in shielding drug traffickers, especially, this particular syndicate that was bursted by Abba Kyari’s team?
  2. Assuming the NDLEA’s denial of that allegation is anything to go by, what explanation have they given as to why these drug peddlers had almost succeeded in escaping capture, even when there were officials of the NDLEA manning the airport and screening or supposedly screening both outward and inbound passengers? Has the NDLEA told us any reason or the technology adopted by this particular set of drug traffickers to evade suspicion?
  3. Had the Abba Kyari failed to intercept these guys and their illicit consignment, would the NDLEA had been right in their constant claims about improved surveillance against drug traffickers?
  4. Why is no official of the NDLEA answering questions over either complicity or negligence over this case?

Now, to Abba Kyari and the Nigerian Police Force management;

  1. Why is it taking forever to come up with a report on the almost unending investigation on Abba Kyari?
  2. Is Abba Kyari still receiving salaries from the Nigerian Police Force since this investigation started?
  3. What happened to DIG Egbunike and what was his level of involvement in trying to shield or delay the investigation? How complicit was he in the atrocities of Abba Kyari and his IRT team?
  4. If it wasn’t Abba Kyari, would any other police officer without as much contacts within the political and police hierarchy had survived up till this time without been extradited and dismissed from the Force?

The world is watching us and the handling of this matter will go a long way in deciding how seriously the purported fight on corruption and the acclaimed reforms within the Police Force, are.

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