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Injustice To Ukraine, Injustice to Biafra


Injustice To Ukraine, Injustice to Biafra

Henry Otulle Eke
Austin, Texas

Injustice to one is injustice all. What Ukraine is experiencing today from Russia was comparable and if not exactly what a New Nation of Biafra experienced from Nigeria and United Kingdom between 1967 and early 1970.

Russia is seeing the flowing of innocent blood like a river and would stop at nothing until the annihilation and total decimation of Ukraine as Nigeria and the United Kingdom bombed and extricated New nation of Biafra out of existence.

In these two scenarios, the saddest and the most unfortunate human display of unfairness were the facts that World watched and is watching as a bully is getting away with what Adolf Hitler did and did not get away with it.

The World must stop Vladimir Putin. He needs to be confronted. The man is a Killing Machine. He needs to be confronted, arrested and tried for War crimes. He needs to watch his Capital City bombed to understand the pains of War. He has been inflicting pains to others without having to taste the bitterness of indiscriminate bombings. He is an animal..

The World should not allow him to get away with his atrocities in Ukraine.

Is he the only one with Nuclear weapons? The world is not a fair place in the first place…may be the destruction of it all is around the corner. For the World to sit still and watch the carnage in Ukraine to go unanswered is an aberration.

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