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Ihedioha Will Deal with SamDaddy if he becomes governor again


Ihedioha Will Deal with SamDaddy if he becomes governor again

By Chinedu Ebiringa

At the moment, Senator Samuel Anyanwu Samdaddy, seems to hold a lot of the aces, in deciding who flies the flag of the Imo State PDP, into the governorship contest come 2023 General Elections.

By virtue of his position as the National Secretary of the party, Senator Samuel Anyanwu becomes very crucial in deciding who becomes the party’s candidate.

Will he look favourable at Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha?

This has been one of the many questions on people’s lips, despite the largely publicized reconciliations and grand reception.

Another question many keep asking, is whether Ihedioha have truly forgiven Samdaddy of whatever might have been the bone of contention in the past, or whether the legends of his unforgiving nature is true, and he is simply buying his time, waiting to get to a position where he can deal with Samdaddy?

Prior to the 2019 General Elections, the relationship between the two political heavyweights became very sore.

Some people believe the problem started after the 2015 General Elections, when many of Ihedioha’s supporters, accused Samdaddy of sabotaging Ihedioha’s chances of winning Okorocha.

In his highly talked about unforgiving nature, Ihedioha was said to have produced Ezenwa Onyewuchi to challenge Samdaddy for the Owerri Senate ticket.

This, as the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, would reveal, went against a gentleman agreement reached, whereby Ihedioha was urged to allow Samdaddy return to the Senate.

Ihedioha’s sponsoring of Onyewuchi, as his tool for vengeance against Samdaddy, would make the Ikeduru born politician, leave the Senate ticket, and come for the governorship ticket.

It was a contest many believe Samdaddy won. After Ihedioha was sacked by the Supreme Court in January of 2020, many of his supporters who were disappointed in him, stated that Samdaddy would not have let the governorship seat slip out of his hands as easily as Ihedioha did.

Many party leaders who supported Ihedioha, wished they had come forward to declare that Samdaddy won the primaries.

During the period Ihedioha held sway as governor of Imo State, Samdaddy hosted a thanksgiving party, where he invited Ihedioha, Wike and many other dignitaries.

Despite the fact Ihedioha was free of any engagements, he refused to honor the invitation, even when Wike who came all the way on road from Rivers State, urged him yo follow him to Ikeduru.

That action confirmed the rumours that Ihedioha was indeed unforgiving.

Even when Samdaddy was nominated for the National Secretary position, Ihedioha allegedly worked against his emergence.

He came forward to deny the allegations, but those who know his nature, failed to believe him.

Interestingly, during the Grand Reception for Samdaddy, Ihedioha’s media handlers played down the occasion, and hardly gave it proper coverage, giving hints that Ihedioha was not involved with his whole heart.

Is Samdaddy safe, if he supports Ihedioha to reclaim the seat in 2023? Will Ihedioha still come after him using executive powers the office affords him? What guarantees can Samdaddy get, that Ihedioha would not work against his future aspirations, once he gets what he wants?

Political pundits are of the view that Samdaddy knows he can never get genuine reconciliation from Ihedioha, and should be careful with his dealings with the Mbutu born former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

Ihedioha have been linked with political alignments with former governor Rochas Okorocha, and rumours of a possible switch to APGA, should Samdaddy become a problem for him, have remained undenied by Ihedioha, further confirming that the rumours may actually be true.

One thing is certain for Senator Samuel Anyanwu, backing Ihedioha against Uzodinma in 2023, relaying on the reconciliation moves they have had, could probably be his biggest political game yet.

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