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Everything Uzodinma Have recovered from Okorocha will be lost if he doesn’t return in 2023


Everything Uzodinma Have recovered from Okorocha will be lost if he doesn’t return in 2023

By Chima Osuji

Despite setting up the probe committees through which Senator Hope Uzodinma have been working hard to recover everything Okorocha took from the state, Ihedioha’s brief stay was more talk and less action, towards actually recovering our stolen commonwealth.

This was made even more obvious by the attack and total humiliation of Mr. Jasper Ndubuaku, Ihedioha’s recovery henchman, by Okorocha’s thugs, and Ihedioha was seemingly too scared to address the matter effectively.

Okorocha was practically telling Ihedioha, that he was still in-charge in Imo and Ihedioha’s silence exposed his weakness.

When Okorocha tried the same tactics with Uzodinma, Okorocha saw something different from what he bargained for, and since then, Uzodinma have continued to recover everything Okorocha and his family members took from Imo State, and returning them back to the people.

The latest being the shops Okorocha took away from their rightful owners, which Uzodinma have returned to them free of charge.

Aside from the looted commonwealth of the people which Uzodinma have been returning, Uzodinma have started repairing the enormous damage Okorocha unleashed on Imo State infrastructurally and otherwise.

In the eight months Ihedioha was in power, no single road was built, as excuses of the rain seemed to be the reason they gave for dragging their feet.

Uzodimma charged into road construction almost immediately he took over power, and within months, the Chukwuma Nwoha and Dick Tiger roads, abandoned by Rochas Okorocha for eight years, were completed and today serving the good people of Imo State.

While Okorocha had proposed the demolition of half of the houses at Federal Housing Estate Egbu Road, as his way to check the flooding in the area, Uzodinma came up with the ballon tunnel which today, is channelling water from that area to Otamiri.

All that he did, without demolishing a single house. Today people who ran away from their homes under Okorocha, are returning home under Uzodinma.

Okorocha destroyed the water corporation in the state, forcing residents to start sinking ecologically hazardous boreholes. He was getting ready to start taxing Imolites for providing water for themselves through those boreholes, despite being the one who destroyed the pipe borne water Dr Ikedi Ohakim handed over to him, before Ndi Imo kicked him and his family out of office.

If he has succeeded in his plans to succeed himself, by now, Imo people will be paying to drink water from boreholes they drilled with their own money.

But Ndi Imo runs the risk of having Okorocha back on the saddle in 2023, if we do not give Gov Hope Uzodinma the support he needs to move this state forward.

In recent times, we have all see the romance growing between the Okorocha family, and Ihedioha. We have also heard the rumours of their planned political marriage, which would see Uche Nwosu, as Ihedioha’s running mate in 2023.

Feelers have it that Ihedioha’s erstwhile deputy, Gerald Irona may now have his eyes set on returning to the Green Chamber, or going to the Red Chamber, to make way for Uche Nwosu.

Neither the Ihedioha camp, or the Okorocha camp have denied all that, rather, they seem to be adding more fire to the rumour, trying to make Imo people accept what they have already rejected.

What happens, if Ihedioha and Okorocha marriage comes to fruition in Imo State?

First of all, everybody who is happy today, that Gov Hope Uzodinma have recovered their lands, taken away by Okorocha and his cronies, should get ready to hand them back.

There is no way Okorocha would agree to a political marriage with Ihedioha, if deals have not been reached, to return everything Uzodinma have taken away from him.

If Ihedioha and Uche Nwosu ticket flies in 2023, Imo people can forget ever seeing Okorocha brought to justice, over his massive mismanagement of our joint resources, handed over to him for safekeeping.

All these corruption cases he is having with the EFCC will die and government will now intervene on his behalf.

Do you want that to happen?

You will never find out what happened to the bailout funds, or whether Precious Nwadike was right about his allegations, that the money vanished in Uche Nwosu’s house.

You will never find out what Okorocha did with the Paris Club refunds given to him for us.

You will never know what happened to all the billions he collected on our behalf, with which he now claims to be richer than Imo State.

You will never know the whereabouts of Imo Air, one of the many dubious projects, used to rob Imo people blind by the Rochas Okorocha mis-administration.

These and more would be swept under the rug, while the recently recovered KO Mbadiwe University, which Okorocha tried to take away from us, would be returned to him.

The massive IBC lands would also be returned to Okorocha, along with every other property recovered from him by the Uzodinma administration.

We will lose Imo State all over again.

Even the blind can see that Gov Hope Uzodinma came to work in Imo State. Despite politically motivated distractions and Insecurity, all targeted to sway his eyes from the ball, Uzodinma have remained focused to give Imo people the very best, our available resources can afford.

For eight years, Okorocha abandoned Okigwe. Uzodimma have remembered Okigwe in less than two years, and massive work is going on to reconnect them to the central.

Even in his own hometown, Okorocha left disasters in the form of substandard roads. Today, Uzodinma is painstakingly addressing that issue.

Uzodimma is not a magician. He is a mere human being. Imo State resources are not limitless, they are so tightly strained at the moment.

Remember that from our current little allocations, we are still paying back the over ₦30billion Okorocha collected on our behalf as bailout, and have failed to account to us how he used it.

Like Mbakwe, Uzodinma runs to Abuja all the time to beg for one thing or the other from the president. That is what a leader who loves his people does.

Soon, Otamiri would become a dam, all thanks to Uzodinma’s determination to ensure he gives the best to his people.

But we will return to Egypt it we allow the Okorocha funded Ihedioha and Uche Nwosu marriage take place.

As Okorocha is with the money with which Ihedioha probably hopes to battle Uzodinma in 2023, there would exist an ironclad agreement, that protects Okorocha, should Ihedioha try to renege on their agreement (whatever the contents may be).

Would you be willing to take that experiment of finding out?

Ihedioha’s impeachment might even be part of their plan, as Okorocha may not fully trust Ihedioha to keep to their agreement, once he gets into power.

Should Imo loss Uzodinma in 2023, we will get ready to return to Egypt.

Chukwu ekwela.

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