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Exposed: Babatunde Gbadamosi Not Owner of Amen Estate as real owner is revealed

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Exposed: Babatunde Gbadamosi Not Owner of Amen Estate as real owner is revealed

The last is yet to be heard, of the messy breakup of popular Nigerian real estate couple Babatunde and Sade Gbadamosi of Amen Estate.

Following the disclaimer published by Babatunde on his social media page and published on Africa’s foremost news platform Opera News, CrudePen decided to dig a bit deeper into the matter, to understand and be better informed of the real situation surrounding Amen Estate.

That the former Lagos Gubernatorial aspirant, parted ways with his wife and abandoned his matrimonial home around May of 2021, following allegations leveled against him is no longer news, the recent controversy surrounding the ownership of Amen Estate has become the latest twist surrounding the estranged couple.

CrudePen learned that Babatunde packed out of his matrimonial home, following accusations of infidelity from his wife. CrudePen was able to find out that Babatunde left his Amen Estate family residence without provocation from his wife, rather insisted that she was keeping close tabs on him, which probably made him uncomfortable.

CrudePen further discovered that Babatunde initiated the divorce moves which his estranged wife, Sade was said to have reluctantly accepted, having learned that he was already married to one of the daughters of the incoming Olubadan of Ibadan, Senator Lekan Balogun.

Babatunde it was learned, had claimed to have put Yinka in the family way, which hastened his marriage to her. The information further has it that they met each other on Facebook around March of 2021.

There are surrounding talks and gossip, that Babatunde may have ventured into the relationship as a way to boost his political status, while Yinka may have assumed he was the sole owner of Amen Estate.

The collapse of Babatunde’s marriage to Sade however revealed the truth about the ownership of Amen Estate, which many had earlier believed, was solely owned by the former governorship aspirant.

Reliable information available to CrudePen revealed that Babatunde was the ceremonial Chairman and Executive Officer of the Company, which is solely owned by his ex-wife Sade.

Aside from being her husband, CrudePen learned that Babatunde has no stake or share in the estate or Redbrick Homes International Limited, the firm that owns the estate.

Upon their breakup and his resignation (copy of resignation letter attached below), his estranged wife, Sade Gbadamosi, now Sade Balogun, took up the position of Chairman of the firm, which she had initially allowed him to hold.

Available reports revealed that Babatunde was not involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm, rather was more focused on building his political status in the state.

Babatunde’s recent posts on Facebook have been deemed by some observers, as a calculated effort to demarket his ex-wife’s firm, as she has insisted that Amen Estate is a credible investment for investors looking to acquire real estate to invest in.

CrudePen was able to reveal that a court order had restrained the couple, from making any social media posts or public statements as regards their marriage and assets, and Babatunde’s action may amount to a breach of that ruling.

Sade, we were able to learn, had been a strong supporter of Babatunde’s political adventures.

Babatunde’s new wife Yinka recently went ballistic on Facebook, lashing out at Sade in several posts.

The posts which she later deleted, but not before CrudePen was able to get hold of them, earned her backlash from many of her followers who rebuked her and accused her of being the reason for the collapse of the Gbadamosis’ marriage.

Sade has yet to make any formal reaction, to the posts made by her estranged husband against her firm on social media.

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