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Uzodimma Winning Hearts With High Standard Projects


Uzodimma Winning Hearts With High Standard Projects


     By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

I recall that upon assumption of office two years ago, there were persons especially from the opposition camp who went to town to say alot of negative things about Governor Hope Uzodimma. They rebuffed and took with a pinch of saint all sincere assurances by the Governor that he came as a divine mandate to transform the state and right the wrongs of the past. They said he was only coming to use Imo money to drink champaign and share it to people in dollars. They completely wrote him off the way the Jews wrote Jesus Christ off when they asked ” can anything good come of Nazareth”

However, some of us never ceased to inform the people that Governor Uzodimma is prepared, ready and anxiously eager to stamp his feat in the sands of time. Some of us became the biblical voice crying in the wilderness telling people that in few months from then, the ugly narrative in Imo when he came on board will change for good.

Today, I can conviniently say that we are vindicated. Today, Imo people have seen the difference between a Governor who understands his bearing and one that was just playing to the gallery. Today, Imo people have seen the difference between the past government and the current one in terns of building durable projects, prudent management of the scarce resources etc. Today, Imolites have noticed the sincerity with which Governor Uzodimma is leading Imo state.

From Owerri to Okigwe and to Orlu, the story is the same. The roads being constructed by the Governor are of high standard and are being executed by known Contractors with history of service delivery over the years. This is unlike in the past when roads were constructed by people using shovels and again, you don’t know the names of the contractors. At least today, we could see roads being contracted with good drainage system, walk ways, street lights and solid stone base unlike in the psst when all they did in constructing roads was to pour red sand on top of top soil and they will pour Ashphat on it and after two months the same road will spoil.

No matter your political leaning, you must admit the fact that Governor Uzodimma has indeed done very well within the time frame. Thank God that he has disappointed the ney sayers who said he was not going to do anything but only to drink champaign and share Imo money in dollars. They have seen that truly truly Governor Uzodimma means well for Imo people and has used the past two years to demonstrate that. He has really shown that he came prepared having aspired for the Governorship seat for many years. That was why he did not waste anytime hitting the ground and speeding off despite the challenges.

The coming months will witness more and more people-oriented projects. In any case, even some objective minds from the opposition have confirmed openly and privately that the Governor is doing good roads. If the truth is to be said, Governor Uzodimma has left no one in doubt as to his good intention for the state. Indeed, better days are here in Imo.

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approve of this piece.

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