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Imo Opposition encouraged and celebrated Insecurity, killings in the state


Imo Opposition encouraged and celebrated Insecurity, killings in the state

by Obidike Nwagwu, Lutton UK

God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to person, and yesterday, God caused the legal adviser of the Imo State Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Barr Kissinger Ikeokwu, to come out to beg for forgiveness from the people, especially law enforcement agencies who lost property and personnel during the crisis, admitting that they failed in their responsibilities.

Even though he tried to edit it, and was probably forced to delete the post entirely by those above him, screenshots of the post was capture by readers.

Coming from a highly placed member of the PDP in the state, is the highest confirmation to all and sundry, that the PDP are not interested in the well-being of the people, but rather in getting into power, no matter the cost.

Everything became politics for them. The killings of innocent Imolites, as well as law enforcement agents were of no concern to the party, as long as they can twist it to make Gov Hope Uzodinma look bad in the process.

It was their refusal to condemn the atrocities of those criminal elements in the state, that encouraged them to act more brazenly, playing a script that seemed to benefit the opposition.

One begins to wonder if they were not even sponsored by elements in the opposition?

The PDP was quick to condemn the invitation of the military to the state, but dodged the root cause. The party never came forward to condemn the activities of the criminals in the state, neither did they offer advise to the state on how to preserve lives.

Rather their media handlers were quick to “celebrate” attacks, and using them as ways to attack the government. They blamed security operatives for everything, without regard for the men and women of our security agencies, that have lost their lives. They heaped blames on Gov Hope Uzodinma for making a legitimate effort to restoring peace and order in the state.

But they never blamed these who started the crisis.

Many of us living abroad read their stories, and formed our opinions about what was happening in Imo. Many of us became anti-Uzodinma. But I’m one person that thinks logically not emotionally.

The opposition, most especially the PDP, acted in the most irresponsible of manners during Imo’s time of trouble and their actions directly or indirectly nurtured the crisis.

Even Ihedioha, who could expect Imolites to vote for him in 2023, was silent throughout the whole episode. He abandoned Imo people to their fate, without regard whether the criminals wiped out everybody in the state or not.

Ihedioha did not offer his sympathies, neither did he offer support in any way to the people of Imo State. He refused to acknowledge the sufferings of the people, rather left his media hirelings to turn critical security issues, into political chip shots.

It was the other day that I watched NonsoNkwa blasting the opposition in the state for keeping quiet when Imo people needed them the most.

At a time, they even accused Uzodinma of being behind the attacks as well as having a killer squad in the state, amongst other things.

God indeed works in mysterious ways and as He had exposed the incompetence and disregard of the PDP towards the people, He will also expose those behind the insecurity in the state and bring them to justice.

I have always asked, who stands to gain if insecurity persists in the state? Definitely not Uzodinma as it affects his chances of re-election.

The opposition on the other hand, as well as treasury looters, who are afraid of probe reports, have all to gain when turmoil is in the land.

If you ask me, our security agencies should beam their investigative telescope on these areas. We may be shocked by what we may find.

Obidike Nwagwu writes from Lancaster, UK

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