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What Is Your Benefit When Imo is in Chaos? Prof Chinedu Asinu-Anosike (CONA) asks Imo Opposition Elements


What Is Your Benefit When Imo is in Chaos? Prof Chinedu Asinu-Anosike (CONA) asks Imo Opposition Elements

There is a saying, that when two elephants fight, the ground suffer. This may be related to what is happening in Imo State today, where the opposition have made it their mission to ensure nothing works in the state, without regard the hardship they bring upon the good people of Imo State.

I was listening to a radio presenter the other night, as he took a swipe at Imo State opposition elements, and it was as if he read my mind that night, because I was already writing this letter to you mentally before he started talking.

Do you understand what being in the opposition means for the people of Imo State? Do you understand what they expect of you? Do you think they are interested in you playing party politics with issues that concern their lives and wellbeing?

Being in the opposition isn’t for 2023 General Elections alone. Being in the opposition is along with serving as check and balance to the government in power, but to offer direction where you think government is getting it wrong.

Imo people are not particularly concerned with who sits in Douglas House, whether he or she is from Orlu zone or Owerri or Okigwe, neither are they particular about whether he or she is from the PDP or APC or APGA.

Imo people are interested in having somebody with the capacity and will to deliver the dividends of democracy to them.

Imo people expect an opposition whose stock in trade isn’t propaganda and blackmail, rather they expect an opposition that will safeguard them against faulty policies of the government and offer advice on how best to go about it.

Several years ago, I was particularly pleased with some of our youths, who selflessly engaged government on issues and not about the political party you belong to.

People like Irobi Darlington, Akuwudike Obinna amongst others were at the forefront, knocking the government on issues and policies, while offering advice on how to serve the people better.

Today, we see you the opposition, cooking up propaganda against the government, all for the sake of turning the people against the government.

A sincere opposition will commend the good works of the government, while condemning their failures. They will also offer advise to the government in power, on how best to go about issues, if truly, the good of the people is paramount in your agenda, instead of just the hunger to grab power in 2023.

Instead the Imo opposition display a high level of civic irresponsibility by always trying to attack every good project of the present government, regardless of the benefits to the people.

It’s even more pathetic and shocking to see members of the past administration that destroyed Imo State, attacking the good works of the present administration.

And very disappointing is seeing members of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP and All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA amongst others, now joining forces with supporters of the Okorocha administration against the policies of the Hope Uzodimma administration.

I now begin to wonder, do you really love the people or are you ready to get into bed with any Dick, Tom or Harry, regardless of the evil they did to the state, as long as you get into power?

For eight years, Okorocha abandoned the lower section on Chukwuma Nwoha road. At one time, the water the logged in that area, swallowed a Mercedes Benz 911 tipper.

The people that lived in the area were sacked from their homes while billions of naira worth of property was lost.

Within one year of coming to power, Uzodimma fixed that road which Okorocha could not fix in eight years, yet shamelessly, you’ll see supporters of the past administration, trying to criticize the work done on that road, while you the opposition clap for them and support them.

Are you now for the people of Imo State, or are you all about getting into power no matter which way you get it?

Does your actions portray you as having the interest of the people at heart, or does it paint you as power hungry politicans, who have no regard for the wellbeing of the people, as long as they are not the ones dictating how things work?

Like the radio presenter pointed out, the Imo opposition was nowhere to be found, during the wave of insecurity that swept across the state.

Nobody knows it all, and if the opposition felt the government wasn’t getting it right, how many times did they offer any advice to the government, for the sake of saving lives?

I am yet to see a single place the opposition did that, rather they deployed their media hirelings to celebrate the killings of innocent Imolites, as a way of scoring cheap political points.

The past administration of Rochas Okorocha met an Imo State capital that had pipe borne water running in homes. It met working Okigwe and Orlu water projects which was inherited from the Dr Ikedi Ohakim administration.

It took that administration eight years to destroy all these facilities and the opposition said nothing.

It was those young men and women who stood up and tackled the government over those issues.

The Uzodimma administration have started the process of restoring pipe borne water in homes, so that our young children who weren’t born before 2011, will know that pipe borne water is one of the duties government owe the people, and the Imo opposition rather than commend the move, have been coming up with ways to condemn it, and even sabotage it on the media.

The Imo opposition, chiefly the Imo PDP, now join forces with the same man that destroyed all these things, to attack a man whose only sin is trying to get those things working again.

Is that how you’re told opposition should be played? Is that how to demonstrate that you love the people of Imo State? By trying to sabotage and blackmail any project that would be to their benefit?

The brief administration of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha inherited an Imo State without a single motorable road from Okorocha after his eight years misadventure. Have you all suddenly forgotten that?

In eight months, Gov. Ihedioha didn’t do any magic on those roads and you gave excuses for him.

But with Uzodimma, despite numerous roads he has been able to complete and more still receiving serious attention, the same opposition that didn’t achieve much when they were on the saddle, are crying wolf and manufacturing all manner of blackmail and propaganda against Uzodimma.

It is indeed disappointing and let me tell you, Imo people are watching.

Yes, there is an Igbo saying that goes this; “okuko ma onye foro ya ashi no oge mmiri.” Imo people know who stood by them during their difficult times.

Imo opposition abandoned the Imo State people and her government during the time of trouble and chose to play politics with the lives of the people instead of offering advise.

Offer advice first whether it is taken or not. The people would also take note when your advise and support is ignored, but Imo opposition chose not to offer any form of advise, rather played politics with the lives of Imo people.

Is it good?

Even if you don’t like the face of the governor, what about the lives of the people you will come tomorrow to claim you love? The same people you abandoned to their fate when unknown gunmen held them hostage?

You celebrated when the country home of the governor was attacked, without regard the lives of security men lost in the process.

Every true democracy must have an objective driven opposition, not one built on propaganda and lies.

When propaganda and lies were used to remove Dr Ikedi Ohakim in 2011, it led to eight of the worst years in our history.

May we never go back to Egypt, but if we keep going the way we are going, we might land in far worse problems than the one God saved us from.

As a democrat, I love a viable opposition, but opposition must be issues based and objective in approaching matters, rather than sponsoring smear campaigns against the government, whether it does good or bad.

Do you really love Imo State? Does the wellbeing of the people matter to you? Do you believe that fighting each other is the way to achieve socio-economic development and growth in Imo, or do you believe that a unified front is the best way to stand against the vices facing Imo State right now? What benefit do you get, if nothing works in Imo State? What is your joy then there is confusion and chaos everywhere? Must it be you sitting on the throne for there to be peace? What contributions, other than you unconstructive criticisms and blackmail, have you offered to the government?

HOPEunified is a group of progressive apolitical Imolites determined that Imo State will not return to Egypt, by giving the Senator Hope Uzodimma led government, all the support needed to transform Imo State and restore our lost glories.

Imo is for all of us. Don’t be a stranger.

Signed: Prof Chinedu Asinu-Anosike (CONA)
Convener HOPEunified Imolites Group

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