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How Governor Wike Rescued Sam Daddy From The Cruel Political Clutches Of Ihedioha!


How Governor Wike Rescued Sam Daddy From The Cruel Political Clutches Of Ihedioha!

—– Calls Him Man Of An Unforgiving Spirit—– As He Vows To Deal With Him Politically!

Those familiar with Imo State politics saw how hard Hon. Emeka Ihedioha fought Senator Samuel Anyanwu with everything within his disposal, which ofcourse left many people befuddled. People were asking if all that was because of politics or something different from it. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, in his unforgiving nature according to the testimony of many, unleashed every political arsenal against Senator Samuel Anyanwu, shoveling all manner of rubbish on him, even to his mouth.

Unknown to Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, Senator Sam Daddy Anyanwu has relatively been dovetailing with Nwike between 2004 to 2007, when they were both local government chairmen. While Governor Nyesome Wike was the local government Chairman of Abiakpor and the National ALGON Chairman, Senator Anyanwu was incharge of Ikeduru and the State secretary of ALGON.

They made All Season’s Hotel Owerri their merriment base and knavish capital. A grapevine source said the owner of All Season’s Hotel, Chief Mike Ikokwu, made great fortune from Sam Daddy’s patronage during that period. Which was the major reason Chief Ikokwu joined PDP when Sam Daddy got an endorsement to be the national secretary of PDP by the South East leadership of the party, occasioned by Nwike’s political dexterity.

THE TROUBLE: Trouble actually started when Sam Daddy contested the PDP governorship primary election against Ihedioha, at Nwankwo Kanu sports centre Owerri in 2018 and lost. Hon. Ihedioha saw it as an affront on his personality alongside his episcopal political family. He activated every machinery to debase, crush and exterminate Senator Samuel Anyanwu, during his short-lived tenure as Governor.

The victimisation got proportionally bad for Sam Daddy when Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, personally requested that a man whose family had an age-long enmity with Sam daddy’s family, be made his ward Chairman. He actually succeeded in the plot and the man capitalised on the opportunity and rootlessly dealt with Senator Anyanwu, with Ihedioha as the sponsor in chief. Still in quandary, Sam Daddy filtered away in fordid and anguish whilst floating aimlessly like a political orphan until Governor Nwike came to his rescue.

HOW WIKE RESCUED SAM DADDY: During Senator Anyanwu’s thanksgiving service and Church building launching in St. Patrick Catholic Church, Amaimo, in Ikeduru local government area, around January 2020. Governor Nyesome Wike honoured Sam Daddy’s invitation. But before going to Amaimo, Governor Wike had stopped by to greet Ihedioha at his country home in Mbutu. He begged him to follow him to Amaimo, but Ihedioha blatantly refused to the utter bewilderment of the Rivers State Governor, who was calling for Political settlement in their rift. It was rumoured that Governor Wike angrily called Ihedioha a wicked man with an unforgivable spirit when he got to Sam Daddy’s country home.

Sam Daddy finally relocated to River State, on the order of Governor Wike. While in River State, they plotted and replotted against Ihedioha. Whilst the recently concluded PDP convention was fast approaching, Governor Wike began to spread his tentacles as he made inroads into the leadership of South East PDP for Sam Daddy’s endorsement as the National Secretary of PDP. He succeeded and Senator Anyanwu got an endorsement from the South East PDP Governors and leaders, except Peter Obi of Anambra State.

After much of the hues and cries from Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and his political camp over the endorsement of Sam Daddy, they were faced with the option of swallowing their bitter pills, hence, in a swift reaction, had no alternative but to support him to emerge. Already, Sam Daddy has started calling the shots in PDP from the national, and Ihedioha is gravely affected.

As the political intrigues keep rolling, what is on the lips of many Imo people, is whether the ROMANCE OF CONVENIENCE between both leaders will continue or scatter with time, since interest is the focal point, as we gear up for 2023 general elections.

Will Governor Nyesome Wike ever forgive Ihedioha too? Sources said he has vowed to deal with him as long as PDP politics is concerned. Many people believe that he’s the one holding both the knife and yam and whoever he cuts to, will eat. Well, let the battle of wits continue and we will be here to watch it to the end. Where ever the pendulum may swing to, Imo people will never vote for men with unforgiving spirits.

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