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HOPEunified: An endorsement for progressive governance


HOPEunified: An endorsement for progressive governance

We live in a world where conspiracy and propaganda fuel our daily media.

Our beliefs and aspirations, have been so tilted, that we now choose to speedily forget the previous grim that eat up our very amenities.

How can imolites be so forgetful, even in the visibility of all the glaring odds within our Proximity?

All hail hail the dethroned dictator,
All hail the fallen king!

We now hail a tyrant who so loved himself and his family more than his very own people.

We now adore Barabas, and as always the messiah, is pulled by the hair, and dragged around the streets like a villain.

How do we forget a rulership so synonymous to the notoriously unruly Nascissistic king of old?

Has amnesia so stricken our minds that the delusion of a feingned reality now enables our dear need to wag our tongues, as we spit venom In our process to Castigate?

Things are no longer as green and as clean, as the present states situation is now vey obsene.

What happened to our award winning vicinity, and why the hell is our initiative no longer serene?

A former ideology with a face.

A face with no present remembrance.

A personality thrown under the bus of time, and made mediocre in our process of exalting a dictator.

Oh in 2011 we so thought to ourselves, it was the 2nd coming of christ.

All imolites threw down their garments and the streets were full of joy.

Oh how we were disappointed.

Who is this crowned villain?

Who is this poisonous man who sang “My People, my people”, yet killed the people he sang to.

Somtochukwu weeps for his untimely death at the hands of this tyrant.

Isn’t he the dictator that now wants to take away our reasoning yet again?

So Gifted with words and malicious in verbal orations.

A Schemer in the dark,

A fraud,

A perpertrator of tactical insurgencies.

A possible patron saint of unknown gunmen, unleashed to distabilize the state to avoid probe, without regard for innocent lives lost..

Who is this clown tyrant, scripting in the shadows several block busting sequels, selling out tickets of impunity and delapidation.

Who is he, and why do we now choose to forget the evil he left behind in the land?

Why have we yet again allowed ourselves to be manipulated by him, against the Hope God have given Imo yet again?

God sent Ohakim and this tyrant with sweet but poisonous tongue cut short what God had in store for us.

Hope is working and a tyrant who squandered eight years of our lives is trying to disrupt the benefits of good governance.

May God open our eyes that we never again fall victim to his serpentine tongue.

Now it’s no longer a fair fight, situations are now far beyond Its usual 3 against one statusquo.

It’s actually now some gullible and forgetful masses along side the “dictator’s” other 2 musketeers.

It is so sad, that we fight so hard to kill the only present Hope that we have got.

We cry, wail and yell, in our bid to disturb visible harmony, assisting the enemy achieve their goals of absolute disruption.

We fight against a man who simply decided to stand firm and say no to intimidation.

Our acclimatization to impunity, has now blinded our ability to view with Indept sensibility.

What is this disease that holds us hell bound from reality, such height of foolish insensitivity.

As rhetorical as it seems, we all have deviced sneaky ways to avoid facing the real answers.

His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodimma is the way, the truth and the light God sent to Ndi Imo.

He indeed is a true servant of the people.

He is seriously determined to achieve excellence and he will tear down the towers of Babylon in due time.

He unmask all promoters and partackers of complicit politic. (Both those hidden and visible).

He will reignite the light of hope with his generousity, and he will adquately execute his duties and achieve excellence.

Enough is enough, for Ndi Imo will smile again.

Open your eyes and see my dear people; as Urban redevelopment is in it’s prime again.

Hope is at work, and if you look without bais, you will see that otutu Uzo Adiwala mma.

Numerous road constructions are being completed by the day, as our dear contractors are actual experts, not family members.

It only takes little to stand up, speak up, and voice the truth you see.

There’s no profit in bad mouthing a glaring fact.

Be your brother’s keeper and be helpful in atleast spreading the good news.

What shall it profit a mouth that speaks evil now and later contradicts it’s previous speeches when the tides change.

How can you drive past -the #musa yaradua road, -the #cubanna/dreamland axis,
-the #new Ideal_suit to eberelinks linkage,
-the very popular Dickson to Dick Tiger access route, and still have it in you speak vile of a working governor.

Have you suddenly forgot where we were coming from? Have you suddenly forgotten how those places were?

O how our forgetfulness will become the tool the enemy is using to turn us against a man dedicated to serve.

Even with the pressures surrounding the state, Hope Uzodinma has stayed focused, unshaken and determines to bring sanity to his dear state.

Enough is a enough, as the words of the wise would normally emphasize.

It is time to be woken.

Be a part of the process, embrace more of the progressive narratives, and detoxify your self of the poisonous scent of the wicked.

The 3musketeer are never at rest, they will stop at nothing to create a system of unrest and chaos.

Please do not be fooled by their antics, for you are your very own leadership, and as always, your Governor can never be moved.

There are men and there are real men.

Pls choose you side wisely.

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