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Insecurity: Between Uzodinma, Okorocha the Gainers and the Losers


Insecurity: Between Uzodinma, Okorocha the Gainers and the Losers

by Obidike Nwagwu

While we point fingers as to who to blame for insecurity in Imo State, there are very critical questions a lot of our people keep failing to ask, and have resulted in us chasing shadows, and supporting the more likely sponsors of insecurity in the state, against those determined to stopping it.

With all the bailout funds and Paris Refunds at his disposal, Okorocha had been jumping from one TV station to the other radio station, sponsoring media interviews and attacks against the Imo State government, led by Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Unfortunately, his gimmicks are still fooling a few people, while a lot of people in Imo have started seeing through the lies.

Ask yourselves this simple question, who stands to gain politically between Uzodinma and Okorocha, if insecurity persists in Imo State?

When you can tell yourselves the truth and answer that question without malice or sentiments, then we have started solving the problem of insecurity in the state.

What does Hope Uzodinma stand to gain by causing insecurity in Imo State? How does he gain, when insecurity costs the state heavily in terms of revenue due to the inability of businesses to operate freely in the state?

How does Hope Uzodinma gain when he is now forced to spend monies he would have used for road construction, on security votes to tackle insecurity?

What does Hope Uzodinma gain, when the people of Orlu zone, who are supposed to give him block vote, are the highest sufferers of insecurity in the state?

Hope Uzodinma has absolutely nothing to gain, rather he has a great deal to lose, if insecurity persists in the state.

Let’s then look at Senator Rochas Okorocha.

What can somebody in his position at the moment with the state, gain if insecurity persists in the state?

Recall the Okorocha attempted to get state of emergency declared in the state, when war torn states like Borno still have their govenror running the show.

Okorocha is accused of looting Imo State silly, converting lands and monies to his and his family members’ personal possession.

Okorocha is yet to tell Imo people what he did with the bailout funds he collected on behalf of the pensioners who he never paid throughout his regime, neither did he tell us what happened to the Paris Club refunds he collected.

At a time we started hearing “ego furu” and “ego efuhu” in Uche Nwosu’s house.

Continued Insecurity no doubt, can lead to the declaration of state of emergency in Imo State, which will be to the personal benefit of Rochas Okorocha.

In a state of emergency, the governor and democratic institutions are set aside, and a military administrator is installed.

A military administrator is not constitutionally empowered to execute the contents of any probe reports, and as such, all the probes against Okorocha would become dormant until the return of civil rule…by then,. Okorocha may have found a way to install another dummy.

With the billions in bailout and Paris Refunds in his possession, Okorocha would take over the party structure and ensure Uzodinma will be denied the party’s ticket come 2023/24 election.

That was probably his plan when he attempted to move for state of emergency, not because he cared about the well-being of people, but for his selfish interest of self preservation.

If Okorocha was heartless to get Somtochukwu killed without remorse, what does he care if everybody in Imo State lives or dies? It means more lands to convert to his already large landholding.

Continued insecurity, seemingly targeted at Orlu people seems specially designed to deprive Uzodinma of the home support.

With Okorocha’s campaign of blackmail against Uzodinma on the media using the insecurity, he is trying to turn the people against Uzodinma.

Why must it be Orlu zone that 80% of all the attacks would be taking place? You didn’t ask yourselves that question. It seems clearly planned to use the killings to blackmail Uzodinma, so that his people will turn against him.

Who gains when Orlu people turn against Uzodinma; Okorocha or Uzodinma?

I was not surprised when the Imo State government fingered Okorocha as the sponsor of insecurity in the state.

You don’t need nuclear physics to tell you they are probably right in their accusation.

I also expected Okorocha’s denial and counter accusations. Being in the judicial system, we have seen all sorts of criminals and one thing is synonymous with all of them, they deny the crime, and start making counter accusations.

Uzodinma is not the one after Okorocha, Okorocha’s sins are what is after him. He is afraid of Uzodinma because the responsibility to bring him to justice fell on Uzodinma.

Okorocha has nothing against Uzodinma as a person. He has something against the Govenror of Imo State whoever it is, as long as you’re continuing the probes that would likely send him to jail and he can do anything to make sure he doesn’t see the four walls of a jail.

Oh, what a glorious day it would be for Imo people, the day Okorocha pays for his sins against the people.

If Ihedioha hadn’t been removed, and had bravely gone after Okorocha the say Uzodinma did, we would probably still see this same insecurity rearing its head and giving special attention to Mbaise Nation as a way to blackmail Ihedioha and turn his people against him.

Which is why it’s disappointing seeing Ihedioha dancing Awilo with Okorocha. Does it mean that if Okorocha helps Ihedioha back to power, all those probes will be swept under the rug and Okorocha will ride into the sunset with his “loot”?

Unlike Ihedioha, who’s man Jasper Ndubuaku was humiliated by Okorocha’s thugs, Uzodinma humbled Okorocha when he tried that tactics with him.

Like Uzodinma stated, after he started seizing Imo property looted by Okorocha, insecurity started in Imo State.

I pity our people. We have always crucified those who came to work for us.

It was the fate of Dr Ikedi Ohakim, who was accused of flogging a priest, only for Rev Father Ejike Mbaka to come come out years later to apologize for that lie.

But it was that lie that would produce Rochas Okorocha and the evil that came with him.

Rochas Okorocha is shouting to high heavens how his son-in-law was arrested inside a church and trying to play the same church card that landed Imo into his claws, but he forgot how his thugs attacked Assumpta Cathedral in 2015 to prevent the debate, or how Uche Nwosu and his wife supervised his thugs when they attacked Archbishop AJV Obinna inside a Catholic church in Ngwoma.

Without a shred of doubt, Okorocha obviously has a lot to gain with the insecurity in the state, while Uzodinma could lose reelection if the insecurity continues.

What does that tell you about the sponsors of insecurity in the state?

Yet they will still confuse you.

Ya wuru ihe emere Ndi Imo eme to always fall like fools for people like Rochas Okorocha and their lies, may God liberate our brains in Jesus name.

While those of you are still being confused by Rochas Okorocha, follow the link below to be refreshed on some things to remember Rochas Okorocha for.

Before We forget, 50 things to Remember Rochas Okorocha for

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