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Lies Don’t Win Elections, Nwokedi tells Imo PDP


Lies Don’t Win Elections, Nwokedi tells Imo PDP




Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

The IMO PDP PRESS RELEASE on GOVERNOR HOPE UZODIMMA’S two years in office posted on 15th January, 2022 and signed by their Publicity Secretary, refers.

Imolites on ground and in diaspora who have witnessed and seen an unprecedented and dividend-filled 2 years in office of HE Dist Sen Hope Uzodimma know better than the vamoosing bunch of desperados in Imo PDP who are trading on the blood-costly insecurity and a reign of masterminded criminalities as their last straws and hope to clinch power in Imo State. The sole objective for this rehearsed scrambling remains the impossible reversals on the monumental achievements of the divinely commissioned and envisioned, selfless, accountable, responsive and responsible 3R Government in our State, Imo.

To the glory of God, this Dist Sen Hope Uzodimma-led 3R Government has so diligently and monumentally discharged creditably on its set manifestos and services in all facets of our State life. It is obvious that the barely 2-years old Government has, by the numerous feats in Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Recovery of our dear State, left the opposition disappointed, disolutioned and utterly defeated.

Reading the Imo PDP’s piece of infantile fabrications signed by its Publicity Secretary, all discerning Imolites must now be giggling in fits of amused laughter over the party’s/Opposition’s bogus and laughable claims in their 7-months’ illegal occupation of Imo State Government House, Owerri.

We all recall that in those wasteful months, Imo PDP’s only game was to form a negotiated government, having not been duly and constitutionally elected, by the ripple celebrations and creations of phantom committees and its concomitant dramatization, all meant to commit the innumerable committees’ memberships, nay Imolites, to accept, via deceit, their illegal government which stood no chances before critical/legal probe and hence could not stand the legal test of acceptability.

They toyed with road constructions that never achieved even 5% execution. It was mere window dressing! Imolites only watched Rtd Hon Emeka Ihedioha drive a caterpillar that could not complete or commission a single 10 meters road before the booting out of the People Deceiving People, PDP from their illegal occupation of Douglas House!

Between May 29, 2019 to few weeks before the eventual sack of that visionless and constitutionally bizzare government, their only alibi/claim was that the rains were the reasons for the non-commencement of the contracted jobs (with advanced fee kickbacks collected upfront). They took in advance from the contractors more than 10% of the contracted sums in all their contract awards. Those contractors were to eventually elope with what remained of their balance left for them after upfront deductions immediately the Government was legally sacked.

Incidentally, one of the committees formed by Rtd Hon Emeka Ihedioha himself to audit Local Government funds and which 100% membership were inherited by the 3R Government from the Ihedioha’s interregnum submitted their report to the 3R Government indicting the same Emeka Ihedioha that appointed them on a whooping sum in excess of #20Billion.

Imolites watched with utter chagrin how within the same months the Imo PDP claimed that the rains prevented the commencement of the awarded jobs with kickbacks, that the sole owner of Imo PDP, Rtd Hon Emeka Ihedioha, who was only in office for few months had acquired choice estates here in Owerri and was building his houses and hotels night and day; under rain and under sun shine! What a pathetic self rebuilder and perennial Guber aspirant!! It is instructive that no single block has been added to the hotel site after the sack of his government.

We saw a repetition of Rochas Okorocha’s Spibat expansionist insatiability which he (Rochas) executed against the native people of Mbeiri being reanacted in Mbutu Mbaise. We saw a less-than-6-months’ ‘Governor’ in forceful and or negotiated takeover of well over five (5) native family compounds of his immediate Mbutu Mbaise native neighbors. That was Rtd Hon Emeka Ihedioha in his bid to replicate Rochas Okorocha’s massive community-sized country mansions, all fenced in. The Mbutu expanded home of the REBUIDSELF Gov was also a beehive of construction works while Imo State roads, those even in Owerri Capital City and indeed across the length and breadth of Imo State were left undone for the excuse that the rains prevented works on the roads.

Should these conscience-deprived bunch called Imo PDP not be warned because we Imolites were here and suffer no amnesia? It is on accessible record that the Rochas Okorocha’s mismanagement of Imo governance bequeathed a staggering debt burden of #97B to Imolites as at March 2019. It is also verifiable from the records of the Debt Management Office that within the short 7 months of the so-called RebuildImo interregnum, the Imo PDP Government doubled the debt tragedy to a whooping #167B despite the fact that they had accessed the excessive amount of money in excess of #100B which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had seized from Okorocha in his foiled attempt to plant his son in-law as his successor. As at this date, it is incontrovertible that Imo State debt burden has now been reduced from the #167B the 3R Government inherited from PDP to about #151B despite the Covid 19 and other man-made economically adverse conditions. It is therefore very preposterous for the same Imo PDP to bandy up fake and inconceivable figures as the present debt profile of Imo State. Mischievousness is not a virtue, Imo PDP must know.

There are credible facts and every Imolite here can attest to the fact that within the first 100 days in office of our indefatigable, vision-propelled Gov and the visionary of 3R Government of Shared Prosperity, HE Dist Sen Hope Uzodimma, the Gov had recorded credible infrastructural revolution. The 3R Government in just 3 months and 10 days (100 days) had already formidably signalled to what Imo State today has become: a reference State in signature projects! The junction improvement works is a cynasure of all State Governments’ eyes, east of the Niger.

Within one year, massive credible successes had been recorded and harvested. Notable achievements and road commissioning were regular occurrences. The President and Commander In Chief, Gen Mohammadu Buhari (Rtd) had virtually and physically commissioned road projects here in Imo State; the Vice President, Prof Osibanjo had also commissioned road projects here; the Senate President also had done same, etc etc.

The Aladimma Ring Roads, the Chukwuma Nwoha Rd, the Teaching Hospital Rd, Orlu, the St Mary’s Road Okigwe, Thomas Moore Rd, Owerri, the Relief Market Rd, the Federal Secretariat Rd (Mohammadu Buhari Way), etc etc were all ready and some of the roads commissioned. Imo State has become a beehive of reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery feats.

In Imo State today, in just two years riddled with all sorts politically contrived insurrections, over 99 road projects across the State are now either progressively under construction or nearing completion. Over 50 completed roads (so many already commissioned) are creditably physically seen in our State today. The perennial flooding issues of Owerri Capital City was addressed with an ambitious multi-Miles-long underground balloon technology drainage. The 3R Government, for its responsiveness, provided 27 ambulances and numerous equipped mobile medicare systems manned by doctors and nurses to challenge the Covid-19 emergency and other ancillary health challenges of Imolites even to the rural areas. Etc etc.

What other meanings are responsiveness, selflessness, accountability and people-centeredness in governance? This Government always interfaces with Imolites.

Why and what may propel Imo PDP into this conscious blindness towards the ongoing ORLU-Owerri Rd and Owerri-Okigwe Rd in their Press Release? Blind desperation?

Space fails me to continue to enumerate the innumerable achievements of this Government without writing an encyclopedia.

Adapalm today is working after resuscitation from comatose with over 100 hectares of land planted with new palm oil seedlings and production peaking. There are achievements also in other Agro-based sectors like the Acharaugo Farm Settlement, Emekuku. The resuscitation of Avutu Poultry farm is next on the pipeline. The Standard Shoes indebtedness is settled and recovery achieved.

What is more gratifying than the fact that our pocketed public and private assets have now been recovered with legal finality? Disowned Imolites can now take back their stolen lands without paying a kobo. A #40 Billion worth of State-owned University has been recovered. Oil Wells allowed from ages past to be wrongly ceded to Rivers State are now in Imo State’s kitty. The monthly billions of Naira dividends remain Imo State’s from now to perpetuity. Our new Government House acres of land with the foundation stone laid by Ex-Governor Ikedi Ohakim which was partitioned and shared to Okorocha’s family and cronies is now recovered. The list is endless.

What perhaps is in prospect for Imo PDP is an outright desertation. And in few months’ time, such is in the offing.

If the Imo PDP sees their new romance with the Imo Public Enemy Number 1 – Sen Rochas Okorocha as an electoral advantage, permit me to dash such hopes because Imolites who have watched the kurukere dance of desperation involving the perennial PDP candidate, Rtd Hon Emeka Ihedioha and Sen Rochas Okorocha will not and can not ever trust the Imo PDP, lest the massive gains of the 3R, especially the last R (RECOVERY) stand the chance of reversal.

May God forbid Imo PDP!

© Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

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