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Ihedioha Is a Troubled Man – Nwaogwugwu


Ihedioha Is a Troubled Man – Nwaogwugwu

— Sam Daddy, Ready To Harvest The Soul Of Imo PDP!

By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

No matter how one hides pregnancy in the belle of a woman, somehow someday, the belle will surely protrude and that is the exact love-lost situation with Ihedioha and his cult like mobs of Imo PDP.

You read me right, Imo PDP has become a personal cult group under oath with Ihedioha feudally acting as the AL capone.

Like a typical cult like group, they seem to be under oath not to associate with anything that is un-Ihedioha project not minding the fact that as a party, they ought to be fair to all parties and leaders.

A few days ago; a distressed Imo PDP party person reached out to me crying how Sam Daddy and his faction were not invited to an event that could otherwise be called a “party” event.

This person said that it was not that no invitation was extended to Sam Daddy and co but Ihedioha adherents in the party purported stakeholders meeting who spoke during the event took turn in deriding Sam Daddy.

It was an insult too many, lamented this person.

Like I and so many others have highlighted in the past, Ihedioha is a man who has eternal unforgiven spirit; he neither forgives nor forget. He is an extreme bitter man who would always take his pound of flesh whenever opportunity arises irrespective of the fact that there could have been a ‘reconciliation’ in the past.

We brought that to the fore; Ihedioha fought against the nomination of Sam Daddy at first – He led a media assault on him when he was nominated as a sole candidate for the south east…. Ihedioha mobilized Anambra PDP because of his closeness to Peter Obi but when it dawned on him that Sam Daddy got more states supporting in the south east, he beat a retreated and pretended like he supported him.

They disowned media reports earlier issued and had a face value relationship that never lasted.

Knowing it was a game over, Ihedioha had no other choice but to pretend in Abuja before the national leaders of the party that all were well but those of us who are critical analysts know that it was the beginning of the end of the political road for the mbutu born electoral dupe.

Ihedioha, in his usual fake laughter and dances were all over the place pretending to support Sam Daddy but such marriage of strange bed fellows never last.

It was not sooner rather than later that the keg of gun powder in Imo has began to explode.

Sam Daddy has left Abuja to Owerri; no single soul in Imo PDP welcomed him back as triumphant winner who won the party national position for national secretary which was zoned to the south east.

At least, this position was not zoned to Imo State alone but the entire South East but somehow, Imo managed to get it, was it not deserving of some special celebration of sort by his home party?

Sam Daddy quietly entered into Imo like an orphan, instead of welcoming home ‘one’ of their own who triumphed at Abuja, state Exco of Imo PDP were rather following Ihedioha to burials.

As if that was not enough, Sam Daddy embarked on a wild chase charade of what could be called political evangelism to woo people back to PDP — this should be an important party function but like an orphan, Sam Daddy went all alone, just with his few aides in the laughable political crusade.

Now, they have done what they called party “stakeholders” meeting and not surprisingly, Sam Daddy was not invited as he, as the number one PDP man in the state (by protocol) was no where to be found in the state ‘party’ function.

That is Ihedioha for you, his penchant to witch hunt his foes at any given opportunity is second to none as he neither forgives nor forgets.

He has not yet forgiven Sam Daddy for wrestling against him in 2019 and any of the present party exco who dares go against the directives of Ihedioha not to identify with Dam Daddy shall be included in his perpetual books of foes.

But Sam Daddy is currently with the party structure, he cannot work with those who do not want to see him exist politically.

As he currently have the eyes of those that matter in the national, expect a sweeping change in the Imo PDP structure soon…..and that will herald the end of Ihedioha’s politics.

Ihedioha is a bad commentary, don’t be like him…..he is everything of what a politician should not be, politics is meant to be a game but for Ihedioha, it’s a matter of soul and bitterness.

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