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Insecurity: Okorocha, Ihedioha, Araraume Unpatriotic, Playing Politics With Innocent Lives


Insecurity: Okorocha, Ihedioha, Araraume Unpatriotic, Playing Politics With Innocent Lives

by Donatus Nwama

It’s no longer news that Imo State, like several other states in the South East, have been faced with insecurity in recent times.

In the case of Imo State, the governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma have severally given hint that the situation is a political one, sponsored by political elements against his administration.

In a recent report, Uzodinma named a former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, as being a sponsor of the insecurity currently engulfing the state.

Could Rochas Okorocha be a sponsor as alleged? What could be his reasons?

The Imo State government under Senator Hope Uzodinma, had maintained the status quo it met on ground concerning the probe of the Rochas Okorocha administration, which was set up by another former governor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

The probe had indicted Rochas Okorocha of massive looting of state and private property during his eight years reign.

On one occasion, Okorocha was manhandled and even arrested at the orders of Senator Hope Uzodinma, when he attempted to break into one of the seized looted property.

Uzodinma had went ahead to seize several looted property from Okorocha including the formerly named Eastern Palm University, which Okorocha built with state funds, and tried to convert to his personal property.

Other probes and indictments coming against the former governor, may even threaten his freedom as he is yet to give account of what he did with the bailout funds and other monies he collected as Imo State governor.

These can certainly drive any man with means which Okorocha possesses, to sponsor insecurity in the state, so as the disrupt the smooth running of state affairs, in order to save himself and hold on to the remaining loot still in his possession at the moment.

That seems to be the belief of the state government, and it is one now shared by majority of Imo people, who have started looking beyond the smokescreen.

For a man who claims he loves the state, and could bring insecurity to an end, what advise has he offered to Senator Hope Uzodinma, as a way to address the situation? That is if his hands are clean…

Instead he attempted to get a state of emergency declared on the state by the Nigerian Senate, and that exposed his involvement in the situation.

What would state of emergency declared on Imo State do for Okorocha?

It would bring an automatic end to probes against him as the military administrator isn’t constitutionally tasked to carry out probes against democratically elected regimes.

It would afford give Okorocha the opportunity to fight for, and take over the party’s structure from Uzodinma.

It would afford Okorocha the chance to ensure Uzodinma doesn’t win re-election, allowing his stooge to take over.

But could Okorocha be so callous with Imo lives just for personal and political gains?

His actions as Imo governor, when his selfish desire to spite Owerri people by demolishing their market, led to the killing of young Somtochukwu seems to back up that belief.

If Okorocha could take the life of that child just because Owerri people angered him, who’s life would he not take if it kept him out of jail and prevented him from losing all he looted from the state.

This seems to be the bases from the State government’s accusations, that the insecurity in the state is politically funded, and that Rochas Okorocha is behind it.

Many people in Imo State, including yours truly tend to agree with this as Okorocha have failed to demonstrate support for the fight against insecurity in the state.

Coming to Ihedioha, I would say a lot of people are disappointed in what is termed his selfish nature in the face of the insecurity that has gripped the state.

Granted that it is very painful that he was kicked out of office after eight months, Ihedioha’s total abandonment of Imo people have raised concerns if he truly cared about the people, or whether it was all for politics.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, while other politicians in the state had shown concern for the people, through press releases and relief materials, Ihedioha had remained silent, disregarding the people at their time of pain.

Ihedioha has refused to offer any form of support in the fight against insecurity in the state, rather, the Imo PDP had used the killings and lives that have been lost, as cheap avenue to play politics.

Rather than address the pressing situation in Imo State, rather than console the people and stand with them in their time of pain, or offer ways to save lives, Ihedioha is interested in 2023, as he demonstrated at Egbu.

If insecurity consumes Imo, who will Ihedioha govern if he manages to come back to Douglas House?

The same can be said for Senator Ifeanyi Araraume who have remained tight lipped about the situation in the state.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, he shared bread in Abuja and forgot about Imo people.

Even if they are not in good terms with the governor, these people claim they want to lead Imo State and Nigeria yet their actions seems to demonstrate that they lack the maturity to do it, if they cannot set aside their personal interests and differences for the good of the people.

Now we hear of political alignment between them as they seem more interested in 2023, than saving Imo lives today.

While we pray to God to help the Hope Uzodinma administration bring the situation to an end, and stop the senseless killings in the state, we urge all political leaders whether in the opposition or who have grievances with Uzodinma, to set their grievances aside and make contributions to return Imo to the most peaceful state in the nation she used to be.

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