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PDP’s Sadism, Scaremongering, Death Wish On Imo Amount To nothing


PDP’s Sadism, Scaremongering, Death Wish On Imo Amount To nothing

By Collins Ughalaa KSC

On Wednesday, December 8, 2021, the good news broke that Governor Hope Uzodimma had put paid to the recovery of the Eastern Palm University, Ogboko, from former Governor Rochas Okorocha, as he received the letter of recognition and operational license for the University from the National Universities Commission (NUC). Keeping with his resolve to recover all stolen State assets, Governor Uzodimma had meticulously set motion in place to recover state assets.

Back home Imo people were happy. Imo youths, through the Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths (GACIY), commended the Governor on what is obviously the biggest recovery ever. “We praise Governor Hope Uzodimma for his noiseless, relentless, and result-yielding recovery of state assets which reached another milestone with today’s formal recognition of the K.O. Mbadiwe University as state-owned, by the National Universities Commission (NUC)…This is no mean feat. Imo people are excited at this closure, and have taken note”.

While Imo people jubilated, Imo PDP, filled with hate for the people attempted to cut short their celebration. They never wanted Imo people happy. And you would ask, even if they whole State was burning, don’t the people deserve one minute of happiness, respite? But not so for the PDP. They want the State in perpetual gnashing of teeth. In a scornful irony, the party said the Governor who recovered the people’s assets from those who appropriated them was rather their enemy. The same PDP/Ihedioha that secretly borrowed N3.5bn for nothing, failed to account for N19.3bn LGA funds. The same PDP that sacked elected local government officials, collected money from thousands of Imo job seekers; sold IMSUBEB contracts to the highest bidders and shortchanged the youths, etcetera.

Barely 24 hours after the PDP used their DG New Media to spew the gibberish, the party continued to rehash their scaremongering. This time around they used their legal adviser, complaining that the Governor was hobnobbing with the President ‘while Imo was on fire’. Whereas Ihedioha, while serving as usurper of governmental power, grinned from ear to ear, became star-struck and beside himself upon meeting with the President, just for a handshake and photoshoot. You would believe the PDP at your own peril!

We make no pretences to the fact that there are security breaches in the State. But the truth the PDP will never tell you is that the Governor is doing a wonderful pushback, restoring peace to the State and freeing seemingly conquered areas. He is hunting down the seemingly impregnable Unknown Gunmen.

Since Ihedioha was booted out of the government house by the Supreme Court on January 14, 2020, and since the Governor refused to back out of his resolve to recover State assets in appropriated by greedy politicians, the State has witnessed unprecedented security challenges. The situation was made worse following the jailbreak and attack on the Police Command on Easter Monday, April 5, 2021, where over 1,800 inmates were released on the society. We recall that when the attack happened, the PDP hailed the attackers as brave and fighting for their ‘rights’. In the midst of the carnage and near-war situation, the party and Ihedioha said the terrorists were fighting for them; that the Governor was to blame; that the ‘boys’ were merely expressing their angst over the Supreme Court judgement. They have not for one minute berated the terrorists for waging a needless ‘war’ against the State. Rather than do that, they make a habit to fault everything the Governor has done to address the situation.

Many people forget the scare once the wound heals. But Imo people know that few months ago the State was almost a no-go area. From Akabo to Orji, Akwakuma to Amakohia and Spibat, Wetheral to Douglas, Naze to Nekede, Itette, Mbaise, Oru East, Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta, Ihitte-Uboma, Obowo, Imo State was almost overthrown. Businesses were grounded. People were stuck in their rooms, yet they were unsafe. But Governor Hope Uzodimma has turned the tide. He has made a wonderful pushback against the terrorists – whatever they are called. Today, Douglas Road, Whetheral, Naze, Nekede, Orji, Akabo, Akwakuma, Amakohia, Spibat, Irrette, are free. Businesses are bouncing back. People now sleep with eyes closed in most parts of the State.

The PDP and Ihedioha are against every effort to push back those terrorists and end completely the carnage. When Covid-19 landed, they blamed the Governor and discouraged the people from even listening to him. Recently, the Governor admonished Imo people who wish to return home for the Christmas to feel free, but the PDP yelled at him. They gave a counter order, telling the people never to come home, citing insecurity. Yet they live and do business here. They were even able to hold their 4th Egbu Declaration Anniversary without any molestation. The only thing the PDP has done well is serving as the spokesman for terrorists. They are ever happy to announce that some hoodlums were shooting somewhere at Douglas; that Orji is a no-go area. They are excited to declare that Imo State is burning. But whenever the Governor makes effort to free those areas, they recoil and attack him.

The security situation in Imo cannot be handled by the Governor alone. He does not control the security agencies and does not have the funds. Faced with myriads of challenges, the Governor needs the President’s support. After all, the President is the Commander-in-Chief. The President has roles to play.

On Tuesday the Governor once again met with the President on the insecurity in Imo. Speaking on the outcome of the meeting, the SA Media/CPS to the Governor, Oguwike Nwachuku, said: “Satisfied with the manner Governor Hope Uzodimma has handled the challenge of insecurity in Imo State in the face of scarce resources, President Muhammadu Buhari has agreed to support the government with additional funding as the Governor plans to engage more manpower ahead of Christmas.” If the PDP was genuinely concerned, they would have known that the government needs more funding and manpower to address the situation.

The PDP has become a sadist, leprous organisation. They are joy killers, scaremongerers. They play politics with insecurity and wish Imo people dead. They pray no one comes to the rescue and wish the Governor hands over the reins of power to Ihedioha. They think that is the only solution. They continue to use scaremongering as a political tool and fail to recognize the fact that Governor’s timely intervention saved the situation in Izombe, Etekuru, Awo-Omamma, unlike Ihedioha who sat comfortably in his office while Agwa, Assa, Ihitte-Uboma burnt to ashes in 2019. It took Ihedioha over a week to visit Ihitte-Uboma and over two months to send a delegation to Obeakuma and Umuofeke communities in Agwa, Oguta LGA.

It makes one sad, therefore, that the PDP is not asking the attackers to give peace a chance. They prefer to see the Governor sending out condolence messages every day, carry arms and start ‘fighting from the front’. Such a horrible set of people.

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