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Ihedioha And Egbu Declaration And His Odious Political History Of Mmegbu!


Ihedioha And Egbu Declaration And His Odious Political History Of Mmegbu!

By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
November 13, 2021.

Since today, Ihedioha has got his Ekperrima boys to be shouting Mmegbu Adighi Mma and Egbu Declaration upandan…

The other day, I asked one of his Ekperrima boy about Ngor Okpala declaration when he posted Egbu Declaration and it’s been days now he got nothing to say.

This was a man who broke every agreement entered with the people of his maternal home is now same man shouting about equity.

By Ihedioha’s speech at the event today, it shows that he is warning up to re contest for Imo governorship seat come 2024…. And equity demands that he allow other contestants the opportunity having been given two consecutive shots because Mmegbu to other contestants Adighi mma.

Ihedioha’s political story cannot be completed without several instances of Mmegbu — from breaking the political agreements he had with the good people Of Ngor Okpala in 2007 and also betraying and breaking the internal agreements he had with the PDP in 2011 when he went against the party’s zoning arrangements at the federal house of Representatives.

Infact, it was Ihedioha’s Mmegbu against the south west whom the party zoned her Deputy Speaker to in 2011 was the beginning of the internal sabotage and squabbles that ultimately destroyed the party in 2015 and the injury done to the party in 2011 by not respecting the Party’s zoning formula by Ihedioha and cohorts is still what the PDP is still suffering till today and will likely bury the party in 2023 courtesy of that singular mmegbu.

“The greatest sufferer, writes my mentor and personal idol Chinua Achebe, is the nation (party) itself which has to contain the legitimate grievance of a wronged citizen (party man/South West); accommodate the incompetence of a favored citizen (party man) and, more importantly and of greater scope, endure a general decline of morale and subversion of efficiency caused by an erratic system of performance and reward”.

Ihedioha’s political face is tainted by Mmegbu, for him to turn around now and be shouting “Mmegbu Adighi Mma” simply means he is either an hypocrite, takes the people for a fool or both.

Fact is that majority of these latter day boys praising Ihedioha now today know nothing about his odious political history as the records shows a lifestyle of politics heavily characterized by Mmegbu.

Ihedioha, therefore lacks the moral rectitude to be seen or having anything to do with the maxim “Mmegbu Adịghị Mma” Because There is no example of uprightness attributed to him through out his political journey.

As they will often say, he who comes to equity must come with a clean bill of heath including hands white as snow: Ihedioha’s political lifeline is soiled and tainted with Mmegbu and he should be the last person to champion such phrases.

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