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Imo State PDP And Their Consistent Attempt At Maligning Uzodinma With Unverifiable Fake News!


Imo State PDP And Their Consistent Attempt At Maligning Uzodinma With Unverifiable Fake News!

by Urch Possible

The attention of the 3R government has been drawn to the baseless and disjointed fake news by harbingers of lies and deceits who do not want Imo to move forward, claiming that the governorship candidate of APC in the inconclusive Anambra election, Sen. Andy Uba, has requested for a refund of $30 million dollars given to the Imo State Governor, His Excellency, Sen. Hope Uzodinma, to manipulate the Anambra election results in his favour.

Ordinarily, such a fake news which lack substance supposed not to enjoy a rejoinder but for the purpose of clarity especially to the general public and apolitical minded people who may be hoodwinked or forced to swallow the fake report hook line and sinker, we have no other option than to put the records very straight.

There was never a time that the Governor of Imo State was given $30 million dollars by Sen. Andy Uba or any other person, to deliver him in the course of the election hence, we are challenging anybody who thinks contrary, to come up with a substantial evidence to buttress the shameless lie concocted by the members of opposition political parties in Imo state borne out of their hate for the Governor.

There is need to state the following;
1) That aftermath of the party’s primary for Anambra gubernatorial election, the national leadership of the party deemed Governor Hope Uzodinma fit to lead Senator Andy Uba’s governorship campaign in Anambra state, due to his level of political experience, alongside other powerful party honchos across Nigeria.

2) That Governor Hope Uzodinma discharged that duty dispassionately and to the best of his ability of which Sen. Andy Uba, can even attest to. He gave him all the necessary support and solidarity to canvass support and advance his manifesto across the 21 local governments in Anambra state, but it was the exclusive right of the people of Anambra state to decide on the day of voting, wittingly or unwittingly.

3) The Governor of Imo State couldn’t have been given money to deliver Sen. Andy Uba in Anambra state especially when he’s not from the State. Every fund raised by the National leadership of the party in support of Sen. Andy Uba’s political campaign went through due process by the committee members that was constituted by the National Leadership of the party hence, could not have been an exclusive decision of the Governor of Imo State to disburse money.

4) Governor Hope Uzodinma is a great party man and ever since his emergence as the Governor of Imo State under the All Progressive Congress (APC), the rating of the party in the South East geopolitical zone, has been on a meteoric rise, which gave credence to the support and trust he’s enjoying amongst party members across Nigeria, including the presidency.

Therefore, the discombobulated opposition party members and their sponsors in Imo state should rather channel their stupefy energy to support the 3R government of Governor Hope Uzodinma, in order to move Imo forward. There’s time for everything. A time to show support and solidarity to a constituted authority and a time to play party politics.

Ndimo must be very wary to the acrimonious politics of the enemies of the state championed by PDP members and their leaders with the sole ettle of burning Imo state for the fact that they’re not in power. But let them know that in whatever they do, Imo people will keep winning.

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