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Imo PDP Wants To Trend FMC’s Mortuary For Political Gain – group


Imo PDP Wants To Trend FMC’s Mortuary For Political Gain – group



ALERT: Imo PDP Wants To Trend FMC’s Mortuary For Political Gain

Following a notice by the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri of its plans to conduct mass burial to free up space in its mortuary, the Imo State People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a league of cyber terrorists and cloners of national dailies, have hatched a plot to accuse Governor Hope Uzodimma of mass murder.

The undated public notice endorsed by Achonu Jacinta Ph.D, Public Relations Officer of the FMC advises that “those whose relatives are missing should visit the hospital’s mortuary for possible identification and collection of such corpse(s) within two (2) weeks from this publication.”

Unfortunately, we have become aware of the PDP’s intention to exhibit this notice to unsuspecting citizens insinuating that the FMC’s mortuary is full of unclaimed corpses because Governor Hope Uzodimma ordered the killing of innocent persons.

While such mendacity can only come from the PDP, Imo people should please note that the practice of mass burial by mortuaries is standard routine. From time to time, mortuaries take steps to decongest when unclaimed corpses of accident victims, deceased insane persons, and remains of persons embroiled in family conflicts, pose a logistic and bio impediment.

Imo people will also do well to note that at a time like now when every patriotic Imo citizen is seeking divine and strategic intervention to forestall a resurgence of recent security breaches, the PDP is however more interested in demarketing the state and stoking the embers of fire by manufacturing and peddling falsehood.

We had said earlier that political actors are part of the insecurity in the State. We think that the planned blackmail of the PDP serves as proof to our earlier claims.

It is sad that while patriotic persons are seeking for end to the carnage witnessed in the entire Southeast in recent times, the PDP, a party that until January 14, 2020 governed the State is unconcerned about the people but always looking out for ways to make political gains from the crisis. Does the PDP want every Imo person dead? What would it profit the party to make false claims against the Governor and the Government, just to cut a pound of flesh from the Governor?

It is our desire that as the nation marks its 61st Independence anniversary, the PDP would break from its newfound role of accursed bystander and instead reflect on the wounds it inflicted on the soul of our State and nation through years of misrule.

The PDP should wean itself of the bitterness it has allowed to take the better of it, and remove the wool from their eyes so as to see the larger picture and realise that the interest of the entire Southeast and Imo State in particular is bigger than the interest of one political party or politician.

Collins Ughalaa KSC
September 30, 2021.

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